Motorola Droid users to get Android 2.1

The long wait seems as though it may finally be over as Verizon Wireless and Motorola are reportedly started to roll out the Android 2.1 software update for the Droid.

This update was promised some six weeks ago, then delayed, then started to be deployed around two weeks ago and now apparently the roll out is said to have started for all Droid users.

Obviously not all will receive the solution at the same time, but things are going in the right direction and it seems that the update should be delivered to all owners of the Motorola Droid during the next couple of weeks.

Some lucky users that have already received the update have already reported on the matter and there are some screen shots with the solution being delivered to the Droid. If you are interested in seeing what’s in store with the 2.1 Android update then have a look at Verizon’s support website here. Source – news.softpedia.com via verizon

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