Ofcom rules Mobile Phone charges to be cut by 2011

Telecoms regulator Ofcom have cut the cost that mobile phone companies can charge for connecting a call from another network or landline.

The latest ruling should come into effect from 2011 and the a cost has been cut from 4.3 pence per minute to just 0.5 pence by 2015. Another announcement is that also from 2011 customers should be able to change mobile providers in just one working day.

Mobile phone companies will soon have to issue users with the Pac code they will need in order to keep their existing mobile number by text message within two hours.

Research from Ofcom shows that some 70% of customers want to keep hold of their current mobile number. It has been predicted that consumers calling mobiles could save £800m over the 4 year period that the charges have been set for. Source – bbc.co.uk

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