Update: Verizon HTC Desire Incredible image, headsets or what?

Now this is all a little confusing because earlier we reported that the HTC Incredible will be coming to Verizon very soon seeing as they have over 150,000 units sitting in the warehouse.

The bit that confuses is us it that DroidedUp say that the HTC Desire is on its way to Verizon, then they go on to say that there are 150,000 HTC Desire headsets that Verizon placed an order for.

They even say that there have been four dates for the new Verizon Nexus One, now we are confused and this is making us wonder if this a practical April Fools Day joke.

What do you think, because this is confusing the hell out of us? Please have your say in the comments are provided below; we will get to the bottom of this.


3 thoughts on “Update: Verizon HTC Desire Incredible image, headsets or what?”

  1. Simon Morris says:

    I don’t think something this important should be the butt of an april fools joke. I need a new verizon phone NOW and everyday i get more impatient over their inability to release any info to the public. My BS HTC pro has froze twice today and has completely stopped ringing on incoming calls (I HATE VOICE MAILS). I’m eligible for an upgrade on sunday and i have cash to burn. So i’m not in the mood for a damn april fools joke.

  2. justdoit says:

    I am up for the upgrade for the last 3+ months and want a decent Verizon phone (Nexus One or HTC Incredible). I do not like waiting even though I have been doing for a long time. Why so many rumors and cannot understand why Verizon does not want crush all these rumors and make an announcement. I losing my patience before I switch my carrier….

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