HTC HD2 Gains Windows Phone 7 Release?

As most are aware, the HTC HD2 smartphone isn’t going to be updated to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series; however according to a report over on topnews, it has been confirmed that Windows Phone 7 has been released for the HTC HD2.

Apparently the XDA developers are behind bringing Windows Phone 7 software to the HTC HD2 handset and have uploaded a video to YouTube which shows how HTC HD2 owners can upgrade their smartphone from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Phone 7.

The article says that critiques have stated that the software is “fake” and apparently show this by using a hacker build of Windows Phone 7 Series and Visual Studio 2101 Express and using said tools were able to run WP7S on the HTC HD2.

Basically I think the guys are on about Windows Phone 7 being ported to the HTC HD2 which was reported some time ago and isn’t actually an official upgrade for the HTC HD2 to Windows Phone 7 Series.


One thought on “HTC HD2 Gains Windows Phone 7 Release?”

  1. Gadgetsage says:

    umm, ok……

    That last sentence raises more questions that it answers, namely, what distinction are you making between “ported” and “upgraded”?

    Put more simply, what is the functional difference?


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