BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Being Tested by Telus

We have a bit of info concerning the so far unannounced and unreleased BlackBerry Pearl 9100 smartphone today courtesy of the guys over at mobile syrup who have found a Telus internal screenshot of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 being tested on their network.

The screen capture originated over at blackberryos, which leads one to believe that previous rumours of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 coming to the Telus network are true and that the smartphone will be available from Telus in pink and black.

Furthermore, according to the article, the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is also rumoured to be heading for Rogers. Telus, Bell and Virgin as well as Rogers sub Fido having a rumoured launch date of May the 4th.

Apparently a source claims that a Telsu launch of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 smartphone is approximately two to five weeks away which means there is a slight possibility that the device could launch this month.

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