Motorola Aura with circular screen

If you are looking for a mobile device that will drive anyone around you a little insane then look no further that the Motorola Aura.

If certainly offers a style statement to your personality for sure so if that sounds like you then grab yourself on of these rather unusual looking devices.

The most unusual in terms of the look is probably the screen which is circular in shape with a 1.5 diameter comprising of a TFT screen. The design itself is classy and stylish and the casing is made of stainless steel and is a great way to pose and flaunt amongst your friends as the look of this device is truly and eye opener.

The Motorola Aura weighs in at just 141g and fits very nicely into your hand, it gives an internal memory of 2 gigabytes which gives a lot of space to store video and also audio files and images. The looks and the design of the Motorola Aura are highly appealing and it has the traits of a great mobile phone.

Source – gadgetsnreviews.com

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