Google Acquisition of AdMob Helped by Apple says CEO

Apparently Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google has said, Apple stepping into the advertising market has supplied Google with a boost in their argument for regulators to allow their purchase of AdMod reports an article over on Reuters.

Word has it the US antitrust enforcers are somewhat concerned that if Google purchase Admob it could hurt app developers that offer their applications for a low amount and make their profit via selling advertising space.

However, whilst speaking at the American Society of News Editors, Eric Schmidt said that Apple’s plan to enter the advertising market with their iAd is “evidence of a highly competitive market,” and continued with “It just seems obvious to me, I hope it gets approved,” referring to Google’s purchase of AdMob.

Apple’s iAd for both the iPhone and iPad is Apple’s first step into the mobile advertising arena which will give developers 60% of the revenue while Apple will host and sell the adverts. An unnamed developers has said that FTC staff have been canvassing application devs to gain supports to fight the deal.

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