Motorola Cliq firmware 1.4.8 update, consumer reviews

Yesterday we mentioned about the Motorola Cliq getting a software update for T-Mobile customers but it is not 2.1, it is in fact firmware 1.4.8, well below we will let you know a little more about this update including enhancements and installation.

The Motorola Cliq firmware 1.4.8 update for T-Mobile USA has a number of enhancements but you must be aware it does not upgrade the Motorola Cliq with Google’s Android 2.1 OS.

Improvements do include better battery life and increased touchscreen sensitivity, other features include enhanced support for Bluetooth, the ability to listen to visual voicemail with a wireless headset and the handset will work better with car kits.

This new update will also give newer versions of Google applications like Google Talk, Maps, Market and YouTube etc. Will also give support for viewing documents in Microsoft Office 2007 with Quickoffice bundled with smartone.

This new 1.4.8 OS version gives much better audio quality for voice calls, faster GPS performance, adds support for .WMA and .WAV and increased stability.

You can download the new firmware version 1.4.8 by going to Settings, then choose About Phone and then select System Updates, then just download and install the update. Once the Motorola Cliq has re-started, repeat the process.

For more information please visit Motorola, once you have installed the new software please do come back and let us know how you got on, be the first to review the new update and give your opinion.

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One thought on “Motorola Cliq firmware 1.4.8 update, consumer reviews”

  1. stevo says:

    The update messed up my phone, the date and time are broken…they don’t advance. Recent calls aren’t recorded, calendar and alarm clock won’t work, and the end call button change is ugly. But motorola says to be patient, that they’re rolling out the update in phases. Terrible.

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