New RIM BlackBerry 9800 Smartphone Outed

There appears to be a new BlackBerry smartphone coming out of Research In Motion which will be called the BlackBerry 9800 and the guys over at crackberry have received a few tips on just what the new BlackBerry 9800 could be.

They do say though that they don’t have anything solid and mostly its all rumour and speculation. They gain their info via bbnews which claims the BlackBerry 9800 will be a 3G smartphone with 802.11n WiFi with a 360 x 480 display and OS 6.0.

However it apparently is still behind in the browser stakes with the browser version intimating it might not be running the upcoming webkit browser. They also say that you could look on the Blackberry 9800 as an updated version of the Blackberry 9700a also known as the BlackBerry Slider.

Then again the BlackBerry 9800 could well be the BlackBerry Storm 3; of course it’s all speculation at the moment and nothing hard and solid so what do you think could this be the Storm 3 or simply a renaming of the BlackBerry Slider.

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