Android Puma Phone Coming from Sagem in 2011

The Android platform seems to be popping up just about everywhere these days, and now it appears that Sagem is taking on the Android platform for a new Puma phone according to an article over on intomobile who gained the information via gsmarena.

Apparently it is at present in the rumour stakes, but Sagem will manufacture the new Android handset for Puma and it will see launch sometime in 2011.

Furthermore, it would appear that both Puma and Sagem have a keen eye on the relevance of social networking in new handsets because the new Android Puma Phone is claimed to pack some kind of social networking client which should keep all the Facebook and Twitter fans happy.

The other rumour is that the new Android Puma phone will command a cheaper price tag than the current Puma phone which sells for €400 at the moment. We’ll keep out ears to the mobile waves on anything new on this and pass it along if we do.

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