Nokia to get MeeGo v1.1 in October

Looks like there is some good news here for Nokia fans as it seems in 6 months time in October of this year MeeGo V1.1 is expected to arrive this has been confirmed by Intel.

The biggest part of this story is that apparently MeeGo is working in collaboration with Nokia and the details have leaked through some documents which reveal some user interface examples for both Smartphones and also netbooks.

For those that didn’t know MeeGo is a Moblin and Meamo amalgamation, a Linux based software platform which is developed to support multiple hardware structures across a range of devices. Okay the feature list and the road maps are also in there but regretfully nothing is mentioned in relation to the device releases.

Although the implication is that Nokia is thinking about such devices in the future, now this is something which could life the mobile device quality something which Apple is hailed for. Netbooks running on MeeGo will also get an updated user interface which will divide the desktop into segments. Google’s Chrome will also get preferred as the pre loaded browser and Mozilla Firefox will be an option.

Source – devicemag.com via slashgear.com

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