1.6 Million Downloads Per Day from Nokia Ovi Store

The Nokia Ovi Store seems to be picking up momentum when it comes to daily downloads figures as a month ago 1.5 million applications were downloaded each day and now 1.6 million applications are being downloaded each day according to an article over on gsmarena who gained the info via mobileperry

Having said that, when compared with the likes of the Apple App Store the Nokia Ovi Store still has a long old way to go to be on the same level. Apple announced during the iPhone OS 4.0 event that over four billion apps had been downloaded thus far so if Nokia users don’t speed up some it will take almost seven years to reach the same level as Apple.

At the moment there are apparently in excess of one hundred mobile phones compatible with the Nokia Ovi Store with upwards of 60 running Symbian while most recent visitor to the Nokia Ovi Store are owners of the latest devices such as the Nokia X6, Nokia N97, Nokia N900, Nokia E72 and so on.

The Nokia Ovi Store is available in over eighty countries, available in 30 different languages, while 66 operator in 19 of those have enabled mobile billing via the Nokia Ovi Store.

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