Microsoft Kin fairly novel device not a Smartphone

Microsoft’s chief executive officer Steve Ballmer commented last September that his company had “screwed up” with Windows Mobile which indicated that that Microsoft’s handheld team was in disarray.

Then five months later during the Mobile World Congress in February, Ballmer gave us a glimpse of Windows Phone OS 7.0. It offered those with doubts some hope that almost three years after the iPhone was successfully launched, Microsoft were about to get back in the game.

Then just yesterday we had the launch of the two new Kin phones which are based on a distinct OS that Microsoft have called Windows Phone OS for Kin which is said to be a derivative of Windows Phone OS 7.0.

The Kin is not a Smartphone, as it doesn’t allow the downloading of all kinds of applications say analysts. Instead it is more of a feature phone, with texting and because of the way it shares video and other data with a circle of users in three interface capabilities called Kin Loop, Kin Spot and Kin Studio.

It is said to be a fairly novel device, one which could actually reap big rewards for Microsoft and also the exclusive US carrier Verizon Wireless. A lot of that will depend on if the price is set right for the Kin’s and offer some attractive monthly plans. Both devices are said to be going on sale next month so we’ll have to wait and see what’s offered.

Source – pcworld.com

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