Verizon iPhone Could Well Exist But Still No Release Date

It appears that so many really want the iPhone to come to Verizon as talk about a Verizon iPhone and a release date doesn’t seem to be too far away from the news, but could the Verizon iPhone already exist?

Well according to an article over on phone dog by way of the guys over at enagdget, the Verizon iPhone just might already exist. Now wouldn’t that be something?

This knowledge is based on data obtained by Flurry Analytics which shows the mobile carriers a particular application is being tested on. WiFi seems to dominate with 1771 sessions while the fact that a few Verizon handsets show up gives pause for thought.

However, before anyone gets over excited, apparently the chart refers to iPhone users connecting through a Verizon DSL or FiOS, but it does add fuel to the rumour fire that a Verizon iPhone is coming doesn’t it.

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