HTC Desire Destined for US Cellular in Summer?

One would think that as the US is getting most of the top smartphones before anyone else, such as the HTC Incredible, Sprint HTC EVO 4G, and the iPhone 4G of course, you’d have thought the good ole US of A would have gained the HTC Desire by now.

Well according to an article over on phone dog, the HTC Desire may be heading to US Cellular in the summer as phandroid have posted that someone at Howard forums has found a mail in rebate form from US Cellular which shows they will carry the HTC Desire.

The form also shows the HTC Desire will have a $70 rebate when purchased between the 16th of April and the 15th of July, so basically a three month window to work with. The phone dog guy then goes on to say that it would be hard to believe that a company would give you less than 30 days to return a handset thus guess the HTC Desire will be seen no later than mid June.

Furthermore they go on to say that US Cellular is the number 6 US carrier and if said rebate form is real then it is probable that one of the big 4 US carriers will also gain the HTC Desire along the same timeframe.

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