Nokia, Samsung, and Others form Consortium to Create Mobile HD Plug

Well now it would appear that normally mobile phone rivals are to team up this summer to form the Mobile High Definition Link Consortium (MHL) with a view to delivering to the mobile marketplace a new mobile HD plug reports an article over on gizmodo.

Apparently the MHL consists of Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Toshiba and Silicon Image and the consortium exists to enhance the multimedia capabilities of mobile phones and portable devices with an interest in constructing a 1080o capable port/plug which would be superior to mini HDMI.

What the new mobile HD plug will do be smaller and have less pins, supply power to the device much like a USB and support HDCP content.

With the low form factor and small pin count mobile phones and mobile devices will be able to connect with HDTV’s, car entertainment systems, laptops, audio systems, and other home office and car display products.

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