The iPhone clone to die for the Meizu M9?

There has been some very interesting news today that has been reported from the folks over at phandroid.com via unwiredview.com in relation to the Meizu M9.

Meizu the company that is probably best known for making the famous iPhone clone out there, which would make anybody envious are about to adopt Android for one of their future handsets.

The iPhone clone to die for was known as the Meizu M8, the new handset is probably not that surprisingly has been dubbed as the Meizu M9 and will be launched with a modified version of Android 2.1.

It is said to come with three different kinds of keyboards, although no other specifications have been released yet. Also good news for current users of the M8 as you will be getting Android 2.1 as well. It is expected that the M8 will be used as a testing ground for the M9, since the M8 was intended to run Windows CE 6.0 that is not only a little interesting but could also appear somewhat impressive.

It certainly isn’t the normal way that things go and you wouldn’t expect to see an old Windows phone resurrected with official Android support from its manufacturers, we’ll watch this space for more information and as and when we get it we will keep you posted.

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