iPhone and iPad Boxee App On Its Way?

It looks like the social media software Boxee which is designed to deliver internet video to televisions is looking to move into the mobile space, but not just any old mobile space as a report over on pcworld via the LA Times, the Boxee website shows a job listing which shows they are looking for an iPhone and iPad applications developer.

The Boxee job posting says that they are looking for a coder with Objective-C expertise and at least 1 published application in the Apple App Store, and notes that “Android development experience a plus.”

That last bit looks like Boxee isn’t about to stop at just the iPhone and iPad but is looking to also enter the Android platform as well.

Boxee software can play music and video stored on a user’s hard drive along with other content from such sources as YouTube, Netflix, CNN, Picasa, Last.fm and Shoutcast, and also enables Boxee users to share whatever they are watching along with their recommendations to other Boxee users.

This isn’t the first time Boxee has entered the iPhone app game as back in March of 09 Boxee released a free app for the iPhone which transforms the iPhone into a remote control for Boxee; however the development of a mobile applications team and an app which streams video to the iPhone and iPad would be a Boxee first.

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