Motorola Intelligent SIM for Enterprise Customised Mobile Applications

In Europe, Motorola has a new intelligent SIM known as iSIM and is currently powering a parental control app for GSM mobile phones and will apparently be available to enterprises that want to customise their mobile handsets for their sales force or other app across a whole group of workers reports the street.

The Motorola iSIM is a 0.4mm thick flexible wafer that holds 2 chips which attach to a mobile handset’s original SIM to deliver extra applications and services to the handset.

The first customer to use the Motorola iSIM is Norway’s Bipper Communications on the 7th of April however, Motorola is hoping a wide selection of GSM carriers and app providers will adopt the Motorola iSIM late in the year.

According to the director of marketing for applications at Motorola, Venkat Eswara, apparently a 3rd chip can also be added to the Motorola iSIM which can deliver NFC that will enable GSM mobile phones to be used for purchases and mobile banking.

The Motorola iSIM will not be available to end users however enterprises will be able to purchase the Motorola iSIM via carriers and then use the SIM tool kit to construct custom apps.

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