HTC Droid Incredible Debut Walkthrough Video

It’s the hot smartphone most have been waiting for to hit the Big Red network, of course it’s the HTC Droid Incredible and we have for your viewing pleasure today a video walkthrough of the much awaited Android smartphone.

The HTC Droid Incredible Walkthrough video lasts just over two minutes and comes courtesy of the guys over at the boy genius report and was apparently shot during the 99% Conference in New York City the other day.

Unfortunately the footage is a tad out of focus however it still gives a good overall look at the HTC Droid Incredibile’s features and speed and will probably be the first of many such videos to hit the net waves.

Anyway enough of me, if you wish to check out the HTC Droid Incredible video walkthrough head on down below mash play and get to know the Verizon bound HTC Droid Incredible and enjoy.


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