Study reveals teenage Girls text 80 messages each day

We are all aware that mobile phone use in teenagers is increasing at a very high rate and most spend more time actually texting than speaking on their devices, as texting is becoming more and more the normality.

In older people who drive and text without thinking about it are six times more likely to be involved in some kind of traffic accident. A study by the Pew Internet and American Life project has looked for insights into teenage culture and more specifically the prevalence of texting.

Texting has increased among the teenage population in the US significantly since 2008. Texting is now the preferred way of communication for teenagers. The study has revealed that around 3.4 of teens from the age of 12 to 17 own their own cell phones today and girls typically are sending around 80 texts per day, boys typically send just 30 per day.

Another amazing fact that came out of the research was that as teens expect each other to be reachable and to respond to texts wherever they are they also are taking their mobile phones to bed with them keeping them close by in order to be able to reply to a text should they receive one during the night.

Source – dailytech.com

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