UK Android Smartphones Gain Google Maps Navigation in 4.1.1 Beta

Now here’s a cool bit of info for all you Brits with Android handsets that run Google Maps 4.1.1 Beta, according to an article over on pocket-lint, the turn by turn navigation feature which has been available in the united Sates for some time is now available in the UK.

Apparently the guys have got the turn by turn navigation feature running on a Google Nexus One while over on engadget they say they have tested the feature on the HTC Desire.

According to said article the “niftiest bit” on the Nexus One is how the user can simply hit the universal search bar on the home screen, say something like “Navigate to Dungeness,” and the features instantaneously starts telling the user how to get there.

The only problem though is that the feature is apparently only available to Android handset that run Android OS 1.6 and higher which leaves Android 1.5 owners a bit out in the cold with their HTC Hero until such times as HTC finally roll out an update.

Update: Just updated my old 1.6 Android G1 handset with this and yes it does indeed work.

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