iPhone 2G hacked to run Google Android OS, Flash Support Possibility

Planetbeing is an iPhone hacker who managed to get Google Android OS onto the Apple iPhone 2G. Below you will see a video of the process of it running.

The video provided below courtesy of Linux on iPhone clearly shows the OS system running on the iPhone 2G, it can dual boot and run Android, which is great if that’s what you want.

The man in the video shuts down the iPhone 2G and then starts it back up, when he does you can clearly see ‘OpeniBoot’, he has hacked and when he holds down the home menu button it starts to boot up Android.

Once the boot-up finishes you will see the Android logo on the iPhone display, he says that it is not production quality yet but merely Alpha quality.

He even says that Flash may be supported; please download the pre-built images and README here. Let us know if you would prefer Android OS running on the iPhone, or would you prefer to stick with what it has already.

Source – QuickPWN

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