iPhone 4G with Gizmodo: Hardware compared to 3GS

Got to hand it to Gizmodo for what they have done with the leaked new iPhone 4G smartphone, and you have to ponder on the thought when it comes to Apple and the dilemma they are in.

Personally I think it is great for business that this new iPhone 4G made it into the hands of Gizmodo, think about it for a minute; Gizmodo nabs the device and millions of people visit Gizmodo’s site and gives their personal opinion about the changed device, feedback is worth millions in this business. If consumers slag this phone off then Apple can get back to the drawing board and have a re-think, if the phone is hot property and much-loved then hey presto here is your new Apple iPhone.

Anyway let’s have a little look into the differences with the hardware between the iPhone 4G and the iPhone 3GS, if this leaked smartphone is the real deal then there will be major changes.

The new iPhone has a slightly smaller screen compared to the 3GS model and it is apparently going to be somewhere in the region of 3.4-inches, the new model will display HD-ready content, which offers much more scope than the 3GS and that could mean 4x pixel density.

Looking at the photos Gizmodo has you can clearly see a front-facing camera, the camera lens on the back looks a little bigger than the 3GS and comes with flash for the camera as well, could the flash be LED based?

The iPhone 3GS has normal SIM whereas the iPhone 4G will feature microSIM, now seeing as the Apple iPad uses microSIM this could mean swapping SIMS between the iPhone and the iPad.

Many changes have been made and the one that stands out the most on the inside has to be the bigger battery on the new model, apparently it will give you 16-percent more battery life than the current 3GS model.

Other changes made to the hopefully real iPhone 4G is the secondary mic for noise cancellation, and you will also notice that the volume buttons are now split and not one whole button like the 3GS has, the power, mute and volume buttons are now metallic as well.

For more information and photos of the new Apple iPhone 4G, and lets hope this is the real new iPhone, please visit Gizmodo. Below we have put a little poll question that we would love for you to vote on, just read the question and vote, as this will let us know if you want this to be the next iPhone. (For legal reasons we will not be putting photos of the new device here, just visit Gizmodo for them all).

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