Samsung Reality Review: Consumers Opinions

The Samsung Reality is now available on the Verizon network in both black and red versions and is an ideal handset for the social networking crowd which features a 3 inch full touch screen, and a sliding QWERTY keyboard delivering the ideal texting and social networking machine.

The Samsung Reality is great for the social networking conscious as it sports a widget tool bar with one touch access to such social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube.

Spec wise the Samsung Reality offers a 3.2 inch camera and camcorder with dedicated camera/camcorder key, Music player, Bluetooth, voice commands, HTML browser, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, V CAST Video, V CAST Navigator capable, TouchWiz UI and up to 16GB of removable memory.

We reported previously that both the red and black versions of the Samsung Reality release date and pricing which can be gained by viewing our original article (here)

What we would like however, is for any of our readers who happen to gain a Samsung Reality handset to give their personal opinions and reviews on the Samsung Reality by dropping us a line in the comments section below.


358 thoughts on “Samsung Reality Review: Consumers Opinions”

  1. Miranda says:

    it is a great phone the only bad thing i have found so far is that the phone dosent lock when you are on the phone so it is easy to hang up on someone and it also wears the battery down 🙁 other then that it is a great phone!

    1. SKIGIRL says:


  2. eddie says:

    just got it today, and so far im enjoying it…i think i made the best choice by picking this phone, and i would recommend it to anyone….it is pretty much fully loaded, and easy to get used to…

  3. Marty says:

    This Phone Blows i have had 3 already everyone has froozen up on me just about once a day. my camera button doesnt work and same with the send button. im tried of this phone. dont list to these comments that they are awesome take it from someone who has gon tho 3.

    1. jacksom says:

      had it for a week so far,was told that its not really meant for internet browsing,due to the small processor. so if its slow for anyone thats why.

    2. env2 hater says:

      yeah a lot of people also said the env2 was a good phone at first and most people including myself have gone throuhg many within the first year..so i think you just have problems like i have but my mom who has the same phone as me hasn't…

      1. lynda says:

        well i have the env2, and i have had the same one for 2 years. it worked great up to the year and a half mark. after that, it started to have some problems, no so major though. i think its a very good phone. my two year plan is up now and i am going to get the samsung reality, seems like a very good phone.

      2. Hannah says:

        the enV2 really sucks…i went through 4 of them then verizong finally decided to let me have a new phone all together. i really want the reality but the only problem is that it costs 9.99/month even if you don't use the internet on it.

        1. tori says:

          hey hannah im not sure if you know yet, but i just called up verizon today, and you can get the 9.99 data plan blocked. Anything over however is still following the normal date plan rate .

      3. Emily says:

        I had the env2 for 4yrs with no problems but upgraded any way. Maybe if today's consumer stopped treating their product like a 2yr old (like throwing it around, dropping it often, overall abusing items) there wouldn't be a problem. As a 17yr old, the env2 worked for me. I wish I could just get a new one of those but it was discontinued. I don't care if the phone is slow, as long as it has good battery life, keyboard, photo, and video I am set.

    3. Cheyanne says:

      i got this phone like a month ago and it keeps freezing on me and turning on and off and its really pissing me off… this is the first day that its started doing it…. have u ever gotten it to stop freezing?

    4. Cricket says:

      I HATE mine, too. I spent an hour on the phone with Verizon tech support trying to get ONE $1.99 rhapsody downloaded song to play (first one I tried.) THEN when on the phone with the Verizon tech support, we find that there are NO SOFTWARE driver downloads available for this phone to help it sync with my computer! We tried using the drivers for the Rogue instead and that didn't work. So, this phone ALSO is problematic in syncing with THEIR PARTNER VCAST RHAPSODY music on your computer! ON THE NICE SIDE WITH VERIZON? THEY DO NOT OUTSOURCE THEIR TECH SUPPORT. Rhapsody on the other hand was a TOUGH tech call dealing with an accent I couldn't understand and I study languages.

  4. Gary says:

    I dont understand why they come out with the Reality a year after the popular Rogue and the Reality has less features. The Rogue has bigger and amoled screen (brighter and saves on battery) also I read that the contacts are less on the Reality. Also the Realtiy doesnt have the feature that lets you monitor your kids usage as does the Rogue (see Verizon-compare). And no flash for camera. So i read its a decent phone and most users are happy with it but it amazes me that Samsung scales back instead of adding more.

    1. Jules says:

      The reality is a newer version of the Rogue. It fixed all the problems that the Rogue had like the charging port. You can ask any of the Verizon employees about the pro's and con's of these two and they will tell you how the Reality is better. The only thing missing is the flash…but it has a contrast/brighten display and can adjust automatically. Also the actual screen sizes are the same, just the space surrounding the screen is bigger on the Rogue.

      1. Jared says:

        You say that the only thing missing is the flash, but there's a lot more. What about the amoled or the auto focus on the rogues camera? I'm still trying to decide between the rogue and reality

        1. Emily says:

          The camera for the Reality focuses with out pressing any buttons (so take a pic and tada focused). You can also change the pictures color AFTER taking it as well as before.

    2. Lily says:

      Some people need a phone that's lesser quality… Some people don't need all of that and just need a cheaper simpler phone. That's why they came out with it. They needed more variety in their product line.

  5. Janelle says:

    I just got this phone yesterday and I love it! The touchscreen works really well. However, I can't seem to find any snap on covers for it. Does any one know where to get them? Or if they exist?

    1. Hannah says:

      i just got this phone, and i ordered some really nice cases off of amazon. they're only like 6 dollars and the work well caus i drop my phone all the time

    1. ??? says:

      hey i just got my phone and i was wondering if u know how i can get the wallpaper settings box (Get new/set) off of the main screen of my samsung reality?

    1. kaylyn says:

      does any one know if it shows the whole conversation from a person when you go to the inbox instead of just the most recent text message?

  6. Deanna says:

    I just got this phone on Sunday and I really like it so far. The keyboard is easy to operate and I am getting used to the touch screen. The only pitfall so far is that I put my memory card with all my pics from my old phone in it and I lost all of my pics not sure why first they were there then they were gone. The old phone was a samsung gleam and I really loved that one but wanted something newer with email capability. I would love them to come out with a snap on cover in blue or purple so far only red, chrome and clear

    1. Kall747 says:

      I had the same thing happen… reason being is when you put your memory card into your computer… my old phone renamed the folder "my pics" while the Samsung Reality made a new folder called "my pix" just need to pop it in your computer and move your files around and erase the old folders

    2. Emily <3 says:

      They have blue and purple…i have both. they just arent in the verizon store…look in case space and those little stores in the middle of the mall. I love the way this phone looks with the cases on it. Do you have red or black??

    1. Sydnaay says:

      Yea me to im nerves :// i need d to kno if it works really well also? can u have a keybored on the touch screen instead of sliding out the keybored? :]

  7. Glenn says:

    I ordered this phone yesterday. I have read many good reviews on it. I would say 98% of what I read is positive. This is my first "smartphone" so I am really looking forward to it.

      1. isaac says:

        its not a smart phone otherwise they would have it listed with the smartphones, and would also charge the 29.99 data plan minimum for it.

  8. AKS2 says:

    I got this phone for Mother's Day…. I have to say so far I Love it! I was able to use the memory card from my envy2 and move all my pics to the new one. My niece played with it all night and now wants one for herself.

  9. Alexis says:

    I got this phone a few days ago and I really like it so far! The only thing I don't really understand is why there are 3 different home screens. Who knows? I'm still trying to get used to it. I'd really like to find a snap on cover for it though, they better come out with more one soon!

    1. JBFL says:

      The only purpose I have found it to save several 'widgets' on different screens …. you can put certain ones on certain pages and just scroll through each home page instead of opening the widget bar and scroll though it …..

    2. bre says:

      there is a Body Glove at verizon stores made for this phone, I work on a farm and it is exactly what I needed, its a soft rubbery material on the outside to feel nice in the hands but it is rock hard inside to prevent anything from happening to the phone should you drop it, it is super sturdy and totally worth the 20 bucks i paid!!!!

      1. Emmy says:

        one of the guys at the store just gave the case to me (FREE :D) and started playing his "light saber" app on his phone. Verizon wins (MLIA). Idk if they hand them out to everybody, but they did to me so yeah!

  10. Calli says:

    im getting the phone today….my friend has this phone and i played w it for a little bit…i think i made a good choice on my choice of phones…..coming out of the enV series!

    1. Brandi says:

      I am changing from the LG banter ( Altell) && I have one samsung prior to this and it was great, dropped it in a pool after having it for 6 months and still worked for over a year later. (: But I will try to never get an LG again. They're crappy

      1. graciela says:

        its the worsdt phone ever dont get it i have it and it completetey shuts down randomly to the point where it wouldnt turn back on, and yes it was charged

  11. val says:

    I'm thinking about getting the phone, but I wanted to know if when texting on the touch screen, does it turn horizontal as well as vertical, or no??

    1. Ashley says:

      it does not turn horizontal when texting. you can use the touch screen vertically to text. but i think the keyboard will suffice because i tried texting on my friends env touch horizontally and it wasnt that easy. so for me, it doesnt even matter that it doesnt turn horizontally to text. hope this helped!!

    2. Cydney says:

      Yes it does val. i got the phone a couple of days ago and it is just wht i needed samsung really out did themselves this time,though it is not as good as the rouge which has a much brighter screen better call quality and more life,but the problem is you cant find the rouge anywhere.Either way the realitly is a great phone.It fits to all of my needs and then some.

  12. James B says:

    got this phone yesterday, very pleased with it after going through 5 env2's! awesome phone. wanted the rogue, but verizon was out of stock. I don't regret not waiting for the rogue, so far.

  13. Jim A. says:

    I have more trouble with the touch screen than my wife. We both got this phone a little over a week ago and I still have trouble with the touch screen — scrolling it especially. Think it would be even worse for someone w/o nails?

    1. Sandy Kasten says:

      I have the phone and my problem is that when I receive a call, I get the phone and when I touch it, I loose the call! Then I have to go to the who called Q and find out who it was. Problems beginning after the first 4 months. very unhappy

  14. Karen says:

    The only thing I don't like about the Reality is I can't sync it in my car like I could my other phone. Had I known that beforehand I would have chosen another phone.

    1. shelley says:

      I was able to sync the phone to my car. I had to try a couple of times – but was able to do it.
      Did you turn on the bluetooth in the menu, select the auto device and enter the code?

      1. mphone says:

        Texting depends on your base plan. The Reality adds $9.99 per month over your base plan – which you can select independently. I know this cause I'm just about to buy one… I think!

    1. Cydney says:

      It depends on the contract you get,Smith. If you get the unlimited texting then yes,but if you dont it will be 25 cent per text message hope that helped you a little bit.

  15. ashley says:

    i like it alot, but i have an issue with the texting thing!!! when i wanna read it on the front, it doesnt show me who its from unless i slide the screen to open the message. very bad when im talking to more then one person (i usually am) and it just gets weird. anyone know how to fix it??

    1. Alexis says:

      You can go into messages>settings and change the inbox view to contact and it will show you who is sending it instead of the time

  16. -yingxyang says:

    moved from lg envtouch to this phone. i like it…a bit smaller, i prefer the slider style. The touch screen works very well. a little hard getting used to smaller keypad after using envtouch. only thing is, this is the slipperiest little phone…sounds odd i know, but it's true. it's very slippery.

  17. coolfx35 says:

    I just got a 'reality' a couple of weeks ago but now i have some questions:

    1- I download some songs from my computer to the cell phone and I want to put' em as ringtones but i can't… anyone know how to do it?

    2- And I want to put a "call ton" or "ringback tone" (I am not sure how is that call) but I don't how to do it either… I thought I download one from the verizon website but didn't work, actually it went my husband's phone and actually is not the song i bought.. uncided.

    I post these questions on http://www.samsung-reality.com but no answers.

    If anyone can help me with that I will really appreciate it…

    1. savana says:

      I use ventones.com
      The site allows you to create ringtones from the music on your computer,so the ringtone plays your favorite part of the song. They give you a bunch of different ways to send it to your phone,but I just use the send to phone button.It may take a few tries to get it to send but it's worth it because you don't have to pay extra,as it comes as a text message.Plus sign up for the site is free:)

      1. sam says:

        I have never tried ventones but I prefer mobile17.com. It does the same thing and its free. mobile 17 is more reliable and it sends the ringtone quickly and on the first time

      1. isaac says:

        not the phone that would be network. For some reason the message was not delivered to the phone right away. Ask a rep from the cell carrier what would cause that they will have a list of reasons for you.

  18. mal says:

    how do u take the back off to get to the battery?? idk if im not pulling hard enough or if im gonna break it otherwise the greatest phone ever!! 🙂

    1. megan says:

      i was watching reviews for the reality on youtube and when the lady took the cover off, she just slipped a credit card in the little crack between the backing and the actual phone itself and it popped right off. hope this helped(:

  19. Alexis DelBufalo says:

    I am getting this fone on Tuesday and from the looks of it it is a pretty great fone and I was wondering if there are any accesories that come with it cuz I heard it plays music well with my last fone they gave me headfones and a usb cable so I could download how can I download music with this fone and with the facebook and myspace and stuff do I have to pay to have those on my fone or can I just download then not pay for them like do I need to pay for anything extra?

    1. Cydney says:

      With the phone comes the charger AN HEADPHONES and an USB cable.No it will not cost u anything to download music on your phone from myspace or facebook,but it will if you use the Vcast music that they recomend you to use.If I were you I would go ahead and setup Limewire (supposing you have a computer) and download music from there it is free and there reception is great.

  20. hello says:

    so far i love the reality all around because it has a touch screen and a slide out keyboard without the $30 subscription thing. I am due for an upgrade but my siter already ha sthat phone and she doesn't like it when i get the same stuff as her. HELP!!!!!!!!

  21. toshavictoria says:

    got the phone for my birthday sunday., i love it ! i love the touch screen, it works great. all the features are great. I LOVE IT ! no problems., so far

  22. Dmk says:

    Just got the phone today,so far I like it. The only thing I don’t like is how you don’t have a qwerty keyboard on the frount screen for texting. But over all it’s a great phone.

    1. Nathan says:

      um I hate to break it to ya, but the LG Cosmo is a slider phone with an actual physical qwerty keyboard…it's a lot like the Samsung Intensity I and II except it slides to the right instead of the left…but are you thinking of the LG enV Touch perhaps?

  23. Sam says:

    Marty, what have you been doing to ur fone? I have had mine for almost 2months and have never broke it (and I went through 8 enV 2s). This done is great and the only thing I don’t like is the 3 home pages

      1. Sandra says:

        No..least it doesn't look like it…I bought my screen cover from Verizon and made the salesman put it on because he said he'd lots of experience with them. He spent a lot of time making sure it was smooth and sealed all over…it's been months and no problems.

  24. Maddie says:

    i got the phone last week! i love it! the only thing is that i took like 10 pictures and 2 or 3 vidoes that were about 2 minutes long and the memory was filled all the way….other than that its really cool!!! 🙂

  25. Steve says:

    I just got mine the other day. I had the Rogue but opted for the smaller Reality. I like the keyboard better. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to get it to stop reading my received text messages. That is annoying and I cannot find out how to turn that feature off. Can someone help me out with that?

    1. savana says:

      Well I'm getting this phone today.I don't know how to exactly step by step,but on the rival phone(which broke twice in two months,so I'm getting this one) you go to your message settings. It should be something from that menu.

    1. Cydney says:

      The rouge is just like it except it is a tad bigger and and the screen has a better picture (in other words it has a sharper and more colorful look).The rouge also has more features.

  26. Amber says:

    Is this a Great phone. Will it freeze up after a while, becuz everyone that has has samsungs has had problems with it and i want a touch screen with a keybored And this phone seems like everyone is saying that it is a good phone… Is there anything that is bad about it???????/

    1. Cydney says:

      The picture is not the best.It also is much bigger than its sibling the rouge, and it doesnt has as much features ats the rouge.But other than that it is one of the best multimedia phones out there.

  27. Ashley says:

    I had the phone 5 weeks, 6 days past my 30 day return if I didn't like the phone, and the phones touch screen completely didn't work! I couldn't make phone calls unless I used the voice recognition and that sucks because it never gets the appropriate name. I got a new one after argument with the Verizon employee, the new came yesterday & already I'm having problems. It acts like its going to shut off while I'm in the middle of texting, online access (ie facebook and myspace) as well as my emails… and it doesn't safe anything as a draft when the main screen comes back. I have to return it 3 times before they'll let me switch to a new phone I wouldn't recommend it to anyone

    1. Michelle says:

      I totally agree. This phone sucks. Have had mine for just over a month and it freezes up and stops sending/receiving calls or texts. I have to take battery out and start it up again. It also likes to shut off and restart in the middle of a text. It f'ing sucks.

    2. Sandra says:

      There is a software patch to fix some of the MANY problems with the REALITY. But it looks like all the phones that are having the problems didn't get the software update…call Verizon and make them manually push the software update to your phone. That's what I had to do.

    3. Brittanie says:

      I have a Samsung Reality, and I've had problems since day one. My phone will turn off by it's self and all. Like last night the touch screen went completely out and my qwerty keyboard shot all to heck doesnt work anymore. I've had this phone since August 2010 and I had went to verizon and reported the problems and they said that a lot of people come in here with problems on the phone. So, my mom just said that she's gonna look on ebay or craiglist and find me a new one. You can do that w/o it affecting you 2 year contract.

  28. Lauren says:

    I LOVE it but i cant seem to figure out how to post pictures on my twitter from my phone. ive tried everything. it only allows you to post pictures on myspace, facebook, flickr, friendster & photobucket. NOT twitter?

  29. Amber says:

    Should i get this phone or is there anything better out there that i can get.. I dont kno.. my upgrade is here but my dad wont take us in i have to bug him is this a good phone to get or should i look for something else…

    1. Sarah says:

      I have read the customer reviews on the Verizon website for the Samsung Reality. I found them helpful and that the majority of customers are very happy with the Reality. I am due for an upgrade in July and am looking at getting this one. So I hope those reviews prove helpful for you.

    2. Cydney says:

      Well the rouge is a much better phone in all ways.It has the same features as the realitly plus some.It is also much smaller and the picture is better.The only thing is I've looked everywhere online and in stores and the Rouge isnt there I've seen them on Ebay but that is it,and if you dont like biding then your out of luck.Hope this helped Amber and GOOD LUCK!!!!!:)))))

  30. meg says:

    ok i have had this phone for about 2 weeks, i love it! only problem is when you look at your messages that you have sent a couple days ago it automatically erases my sent messages. i looked at the settings and its not on automatic erase. i dont know what to do! anyone know why this happens, and how i can fix it?

    1. shulie says:

      that's happened to me, too on my samsung intensity (which i also a great phone if you dont want a touch screen) but i think there might be an option in settings to fix it…

    2. Sandra says:

      The only way I found to save your texts is to quickly go into EACH individual message right after it's sent and lock it. You have to do it BEFORE you get a response or text again, or it is automatically erased…SOMETIMES.!!!

  31. brie says:

    i just got this fone and i cnt figure out how to get the back off to get to the battery…im afraid im gunna break it. is there an easier way to take the back off???

    1. Jenna says:

      My dad told me (when I first got it), that my megabite storage is limited each month. Also, I heard that song flies carry alot of memory for this phone, so you might not want to use this as a music player as much.

    2. philwynk says:

      There is not enough memory on the phone to hold more than a few songs unless you add a memory card. That's what the microSD card slot is for. Go to Best Buy or Radio Shack and pick up a microSD memory card (2 gigabytes should cost about $12 on sale, don't pay more than that.)

    3. Sahara says:

      well the phone is used for texting, calling, internet use, ect. But I don't think i would use it ALSO for a music player… It already does soo many things so if you would prefer a phone that is a great music player, I suggest you get the Chocolate for verizon. Its rated the best music player phone thingy out there!!

  32. guest says:

    yeah you can change the resolution to a lower one and it will let you zoom in
    well idk if it works with the reality, but it works with my other phones

  33. Taylor says:

    I love the phone sooooooooo much:) I love the affects the camera has like frame and mosaic shot.Ilove the apps it already comes with like youtube,notes,drawing,weather bug,and WAY more!!!!!!The touch screen works excelent and it even has a slide out keyboard (which works great)!!!!!!!!!!!You get good clear reception and the texts come in and out really fast to.You can even get three screen savers at one time by sliding the screen to different images:)The two colors it comes in are red and blue. I would give this phone 1,000,000 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT,EXCELENT,FUN PHONE!!!!!!!

  34. Lala says:

    I got this phone yesterday i am just in love with it!! the touch screen is a little troublesome but u get used 2 it. i have 1 question
    How to u set music as ur ringtone? it is a priority for me plz help!
    it is my first phone were im allowed 2 text just so happy!

  35. hollymmk says:

    i had the rogue. actually i had 5 of them they kept freezing and the screen kept splitting in half so verizon sent me the reality. lets just say id rather have the rogue freeze on me then deal with the reality. the internet looks horrible its grainy as im typing this its about two seconds behind. theres no flash and the camera sucks with no flash all the pictures come out with a yellow tiny unless im outside and the sun is out. the whole three home sceens is pointless. i hate this phone. im working on gettin my rogue back but aparantly they dont have the battery in stock. go figure. this phone is def not an upgrade with no flash poor internet quality and lower memory than rogue

    1. KND says:

      I agree. I can't believe the positive ratings. I need Verizon because Sprint has poor coverage where I just moved. The internet screens are ugly and poor quality. I hate their browser. Also the gmail app doesn't work on Reality. Nor does Google maps. Hate it am taking back as I'm still withing 30 day window. Also hate Verizon pricing…nickel and dime you to death. Spring plan is so much better value. If only they had coverage where I am, I'd return to them in a minute.

  36. Hollymmk says:

    i had the rouge. and i went through 5 of them because the screen kept freezing and splitting in half. so verizon sent me the reality. and the internet quality is HORRIBLE. everything looks grainy. the touch screen is way harder than the rogue and the phone has less memory than the rouge. i don't like that there is no flash on the camera. every picture i take inside looks yellowish so if you want a really good picture you have to go outside (when the sun is out). i would rather deal with my phone freezing all the time then to keep using this phone.

  37. traci says:

    is this phone capaple of saving a song as a ringtone?..ive had several phones that are not & dont want this one if i cant bc i have tons of songs & thats how i get ringtones!

  38. Eileen says:

    I hate this phone. I ordered one online from Verizon and there was a problem with the end key. It would not end a call. I called Verizon and told them the phone was defective, so they sent me yet another one. The same problem with the replacement! They wanted me to pay a 35 dollar restocking fee which I refused. I finally went to my local Verizon store where they verified the phone was a lemon. I'm now getting an env3.

    1. Carolineeee (: says:

      No no no… don't get a ENV3. They suck even worse! I think verizon just kinda has sucky phones. The ENV3 will turn off alllll the time and then the buttons on the front wont work. But the turning off thing is the worst. It happens with all verizon phones. I think especially with all 4 ENVs because there is no cover on the back of the battery. The back of the phone is the battery. And everytime you drop it or touch it in a certain place, it will turn off. I highly reccomend you not get the ENV3!

      1. Emily says:

        HAha. The env3 SUCKS. I haven't even had this phone, but everyone I know who has it has said they had to go through like 5 replacements. Plus, everyone has this phone, its kinda annoying. The reality will lose power if you text a lot! Ive had this phone for a couple months and its perfectly fine!

    2. laura says:

      nooooo don't get an env3 i have one right now it is my 3rd phone and im switching to a reality. this env3 sucks. it shuts off randomly throughout the day and now it just stopped making calls unless i flip it open and use speakerphone. i can't make any calls unless it is on speakerphone. seriously do not get the env3 i beg you it is awful, you'll hate it as much as the reality. most phones have sucky features but the env3 is terrible.

  39. JohnWall says:

    the samsung reality sucks
    do NOT get it, they really should include something that lets you hide the widget bar
    cause it never goes away and when ever my friends mess with it all these widgets pop out
    onto my phone and the screensavers changed and it just gets in the way. its just annoying
    i miss my env3 : ' (
    high schoolers, do not buy, it is for like 5 year olds…very unappealing

  40. Carolineeee (: says:

    How can you get it to vibrate just once? It vibrates like 3 times! And the website I used to get ringtones on my ENV3 doesn't work with the reality? I've had it for about 2 months and I still can't figure out how to work it. Helpp pleaseeeeee (:

  41. Megan says:

    I got this phone yesterday…love it so far. I don’t really need 3 home screens haha but it’s cool that you can do that anyway. I got to choose between this and the ENV touch and i’m pretty happy with my decision so far.

  42. Tommy says:


    I've had this phone for less than 2 months and my screen cracked. I have been told by Verizon that this is something I did. It requires 200 lbs of pressure to break the screen, however, I've only had it in my front pocket and I have not dropped it, however, my word against theirs! They win since I do not have insurance and they claim I DID THE DAMAGE! Yeah right…

    If SAMSUNG Can't design a phone that I can have in my front pocket, then they need to re-think their design!

    Bottom line, don't get this phone!!

  43. Ryan says:

    i think i want to get this phone because it seems like a greart phoine. i am just concerned about the internet browsing abilities… i hear that the internet isnt the best.. is this true?

  44. Ashley says:

    I hate this phone! I have had it for a little over 2 months now, and it has "reset itself" (erased contacts, pictures, texts, games etc.) twice now. It did it the second time after Verizon's tech support PROMISED me that it would NEVER do it again. It's completely unexpected, both times the phone was not being used. I go back to use the cell phone to find that I have no contacts or text messages left in my phone! The lock button on the left side sticks all the time and most of the time the camera button doesn't work either. The big screen on the front is a nice feature, and I love the idea of the slide out keyboard…but, I would advise everyone to stay away from this phone! It has been the worst phone I've ever had! And I hopefully will be able to get rid of it SOON! (And I can't wait for that day to come!!) If not, I am going back to my env3!

    1. Cydney says:

      There is not without a memeory card,and if you get a memory card it needs to be able to hold a lot. Not saying the phone doesnt have good memory but if you have A LOT of pictures then i would reccomend a memeory card

    1. Lexi <333 says:

      HEY HEY HEY.!! THAT IS MY FLIPPING NAME!!! Why did you take my nickname?? WHYYY?! D:<

      Ohh and I'm currently waiting for my reality to get here so I hope its as good as all these POSITIVE coments say it is.. I mostly wanted this phone because i wanted to try out a touch screen with internet access.. Does anyone know if I have to pay to go on the widgets?? Face book, youtube, ect??? THATS THE MAIN REASON WHY I WANTED THIS PHONE!!!

  45. Kt says:

    I just got this phone and I love it! Yes it has a drawing pad and you can edit pictures. The widgets sort of annoy me but I think I just have to get used to them

  46. Marie says:

    Ive had this phone for about 3-4 months and have hated it every second of it. They screen seems to be too small. It freezes at least twice a day. It just sucks and dont advise anyone to get it !

    1. sylvie says:

      You can create a text thread, just like the feature in Yahoo mail where text sent and replies are linked, so that you can re-read and follow the whole conversation, back and forth.

  47. Lily says:

    This phone, so far, is a really good phone. The screen is a little bit touchy, but that's something you will have to get used to with any touch screen. It's fun to play with, and is a nice middle ground between really smart phones and ancient flip phones. I would recommend it.

  48. shay says:

    i reallllllyyyy like this phone, except i'm on my third one! everytime i would turn my phone off, when i went to turn it on, it would freeze, so i had to wait a week in between each phone. and even though i've had this one, my thrd phone, for almost a month, i'm still scared to turn it off. except for that, i love the phone. except the bar at the bottom of the screen. that stays there.

  49. kelsi says:

    this phone looks really cool! Since it is a "social networking" phone do you have to pay the internet fee for using facebook or is it free with the phone. Also, is it just a fun phone to have without internet use?

  50. Bob Mac says:

    We purchased two "Realitys" — one for my wife and one for myself — in May 2010. Mine kept turning off randomly within a week and had to be returned for a new one. Today, my wife's began to shut down randomly as well. I view cell phones as a personal safety device as well as a convenient way to communicate. To me, one of these things shutting off at a critcal time (e.g., during an auto breakdown) is a major fatal flaw. These phones, in my opinion, are simply unacceptable, and we do not plan to purchase any Samsung products in the future.

  51. heather says:

    The screen scratched the day I got it during normal use. It has no flash for the camera, you cannot zoom into your pics or crop them as i could on my last phone. I don't love it.. My sister has it as well and hers scratched very easily as well.

  52. Matt says:

    I have had this phone for around two months now. At first it was ok, figured any "problems" were a learning curve. But the phone constantly goes to a white Verizon screen while trying to use it and seems to reboot its self. Also, the battery life is horrible. I like the combined feature of the slider and a touch screen but for work I rely on my phone to get calls. No calls equals missed money. When the phone decideds to shut its self off, I miss alot. It seems I am not the only one here with these issues, and it isnt just MY phone. My gf ended up with the save phone at about the same time and hers does the same. I would say find something else, Im going to!

  53. ryan says:

    I just got it the other day and I like except the camera has no flash, and I'm not sure if this phone is App friendly, does anyone know how to download apps or if it is even possible??

  54. NASH says:

    probably the worst phone I've had. Whenever i exit my camera it freezes. It erases my lock screen and sets it to the original setting.
    Many times it kicks my memory out and sets everything back to default.

    Over all this phone is annoyinh.

    1. Dave says:

      I'm on my 3rd phone now because it looses the pictures I set for wallpaper and goes to default pictures. Verizon claims it's a software issue. Also have phone set to both vibrate and sound when calls or text messages come in, several times texts came in to vibrate only, no sounds. My wife has same phone (her's is black mine is red) with no problems. I have not had the problem with it freezing. Other then those problems I'm happy with phone.

  55. Barbie says:

    I've had the Reality for about 3 weeks now, and love it. Without using the internet, and regular talking/texting, the battery lasts about 3-4 days without having to recharge. Lots of features, super cute phone. So far, so good.

  56. Confused! says:

    I'm thinking of getting this phone since my enV Touch touch screen stopped working for texting or its off in the letters you press. Is the Reality a good long term phone or is it good for the first couple of week only?

  57. Howard says:

    I got my Reality in May, and for the most part have enjoyed it. I do NOT like it when it turns off if it is not locked (especially if it is in my pocket or purse). Today I had to take it back because the faceplate fell off, separated from the ‘sensor’ and now I can’t use it. AT ALL! Calls come IN but no way of answering them since it is a touch-screen phone.

    As for internet use, I don’t like it that in order to view one webpage, you have to navigate through VZ’s myriad of other pages before actually getting to the page I wanted, so I mostly use it to check emails.

  58. Marty says:

    Just got the reality yesterday to replace an lg voyager. Price $69-$50 rebate – RIDICULOUS! I thought at that price after $199-$50 rebate for the voyager it would be a plastic toy-never so wrong. Figured it all out in 1 day and (so far) the thing is like from another planet! If I work more with it I'll bet it will tie my shoes and make me breakfast!

  59. Ricky says:

    This Phone Is Horrible I have had for about this phone for about 30 days and it does not even come on any more .
    This Phone is a 30 day phone

    – Lil Ricky

    1. Dave says:

      I've been having trouble with the phone keeping any wallpaper. I'm on my 3rd phone because of this problem. Verizon claims it's a software problem, not sure I buy that. Wife has same phone with no problems.

    1. sylvie says:

      Other than — pocket dialing, pocket messaging (how it creates the message-who knows?), shutting off by itself, touchscreen being glitchy, making noise when in "silent mode", activiating a button every time you pick it up or put it in your pocket, no it doesn't have any issues!! I've had mine for months and have hated it from day 1. Mine's not a lemon it's just a bad design overall. (Even the browser is slow and hard to navigate on the touchscreen. Everything you do internet has to be filtered through My Verizon – could even be a privacy issue, so I don't use the browser). Other than that, it's great! 🙁

  60. Going on my 3rd REALITY. 2 so far have not been able to get on AIM and everytime I go into Social Beat the phone resets!! Anyone else having these issues?! VERIZON said this is the 1st theyve heard of this problem.

  61. Alana says:

    I've only had mine for 2-3 weeks and I like it but my keyboard keeps not working for a couple hours… then it'll work again. Taking it into the store PRONTO!

  62. Matt says:

    Got this phone for free cuz my LG DARE sucked so bad and they replaced so many they just gave me this one….so far im happy with it…way better than the phone I had since its 3G and the keyboard and touchscreen are pretty nice. Overall I'd say its a good midrange phone, but nothing like your new smartphones

  63. Ryan says:

    I've had this phone for awhile now and there is only one thing that bothers me. When you have to enter a URL you have to go to the homepage or google. Otherwise i love it!! I just got a white case and its looks fly. Ive had the iphone, but this is where its at.

  64. I’ve had this phone since may(about 4or5 months ago) and I have yet to have a problem with it just randomly turning off my friend env did it and so did my friends on atandt they had the lgneon and they were constantly returning there phones that kept turning off! I simply love my reality!!!

  65. Don says:

    My battery goes dead overnight (second battery and second phone) scrolling is very inconsistent. Sometimes a touch doesn't work, other times an unintended swipe cuts off what you were doing. Internet access is slow. Camera controls leave much to be desired All in all this phone is a compromise which does many things but none of them well. This phone has been a great disappointment.

  66. Don says:

    The Verizon supplied belt holder for the reality very quickly puts a heavy scratch right in the center of the screen. Battery dies overnight. Phone shuts off unexpectedly, Touch screen is very "touchy" sometimes too sensitive sometimes not sesitive enough. Internet access is very slow. The camera is featureless. This is one of the worst choices I have ever made. (2 replacement phones and 2 batteries-same results.)

  67. brandi says:

    I have only had the phone about 2 weeks so far, i haven't dropped any calls yet and texting works find. The only real problem so far is that when i am playing music it will freeze. I am sure i will find more things wrong with it , its still somewhat new

  68. PRINCESS :-) says:

    i dont have the reality im just bored and i have the alias 2 and wanted the reality to and i kinda regreted getting the alias so i came here to read the comments and i kinda want it but kinda dont sooo…. but with the alias u have the e-ink and it changes wenever u flip it so thats really goooooooooooood i like the alias but i wanna see what the reality is like…..

  69. amanda says:

    i have had this phone for a while now and for the most part i love it! there are pros and cons to it tho…
    pros; touch screen is amazingly responsive, the slider full QWERTY keyboard is awesome because i would hate to have a phone that is 100% touch screen, it has a nice long battery life, the screen is very bright, you can pick what widgets you do and dont want on your home screen (nice to just touch my facebook widget and be there without having to search for it in the menu), the camera and camcorder both work excellent and the pictures are very high quality, you can pick what messages and recent calls you want to erase, and if you are talking on the phone and have to enter a number in as soon as you pull the phone away from your ear the screen lights back up so you can see the dialer.
    Cons; if you try to erase too many messages at once the phone will shut itself off, it freezes up quite a bit (only momentarily tho), the reception on the phone is great but the person on the other line usually has a hard time hearing you, the phone doesn't lock while you are in a call, the pictures take a long time to load, and here recently my wallpapers are switching back to the default pics.
    but i still love the phone. the pros definitely out weigh the cons for me.

  70. GuestKat says:

    I like this phone, but I'm having an issue with the home screens randomly re-setting the wallpaper pictures I've set, and putting the preloaded ones back on. I could deal with it happening once, but it happens, at minimum, 2 to 3 times a week, and taking it in to the Verizon store where I got it did not solve the problem. I thought at first that I must be hitting something that vaporizes my settings, but I'm not. Is anyone else having this issue? When it happened last night, and I went to re-set my pictures yet again, I got a message that said "no photos"!!! Not on the card, not on internal memory, nothing. I turned the phone off, then on again, and all my pictures were back. I can get over constantly re-setting the pictures, but I will lose my mind if my photos are destroyed.

    1. Dave says:

      I'm on my 3rd phone for this same problem. Set the wallpaper picture and it goes back to default pictures. Verizon claims it's a software issue, and is being worked on. I don't believe that, my wife has the same phone, purchased at same time (hers is black, mine red) and has not had a problem with it. I suspect it's a hardware issue with the micro SD reader. I'm trying to systematically go trough the possibilities, tried 3 different SD cards, still have problem. Now trying moving pictures I want for wallpaper to phone memory not SD memory.

    2. Scott says:

      My wife and I got our at the same time. She got the red one & I the black one. My wallpapers kept resetting to the default pics and it would not let me save my sounds to my SD card. Mine had recieved a software update to where my wifes did not & hers worked just fine. I called verizon & they replaced it. After activating the new phone and 2 days of use, it does the same thing. I am ready to call Verizon & tell them to stick this phone in their ***. It was a good phone until the software update !!

  71. brandon says:

    ive had the phone for a few days now and i really like it aside from the fact that when i put my memory card that is full of pics and music into it, it said that there was nothing on the memory card. and if anyone knows of any free sites where i can get music or wallpapers, email me at amzerthedark@yahoo.com

  72. tyler says:

    3rd one in two months, thats normal and I'm completely cool with that. I enjoy phones with a mind of their own, they decide for you who they want to call, when to randomly boot on and off, and what keys you can and cannot sporadically use. I want to say that I am enthralled with a screen that cracks at a moments notice just for the convenience of (painstakingly) reading text messages through black bars ( I imagine I'm a prisoner locked away behind this phone). The reality is so good I recommend using it in environments with 50-70 % humidity year round, moisturize the internals as i always say, good for the hardware. on a final note, Mobil browser truly sucks.

  73. jenna says:

    i just got this phone yesterday, and i already have a chipped off piece of the skin of the phone missing. Its not noticable but hopefully, it wont keep chipping off. I dont like the widget bar on the left side because i can never get it out of my way. Other than those two things the phone is great.

  74. Amanda says:

    Everybody who is commenting "I got this phone today, it's great!" or "I got it yesterday and I love it" is an idiot.

    Obviously it's going to be great and you're going to love it as soon as you get it. You've barely given it time to break.

    I got this phone about a few months ago as an EARLY upgrade from my previous phone which practically fell to pieces, and 5 months into having it, the front screen falls off. Luckily it was still attached by a tiny wire that allowed me to still use the touch screen, but obviously I knew that wouldn't last long, and what do you know, it ripped the next day and I'm left with a useless piece of plastic. I couldn't read texts (though I could send them, but why bother if I can't have an actual conversation?), shut off my alarms, view my pictures, or do anything that required touching the screen. I could still send and recieve calls, but when you buy a phone for the features it has OTHER than calling, it's like a waste of money. This happened to a friend of mine, too, so I know it's not just my luck.

    I do not recommend this phone to anyone who wants something long-lasting and reliable.

  75. Ashley.(: says:

    Is the touch screen all over or just in certain spots? I have just got rid of the motorola rival so is the touch screen like that or all over? And can you text on the touch screen? I just ordered the phone online, so i'm kinda nervous about how its gonna be..

    1. Major says:

      It's a touch screen all over. As far as texting on the screen, I'm sure you can use it in regular fashion and with T9 as well as the keyboard. I'll let you know Sunday .

  76. Meee says:

    Had mine since August. Was great at first. Now it …..changes wallpaper back to orignal set up, screen will freeze up on internet and during general use( have to take battery out), problems with reading card – sometimes shows no data ( have to take out and put back in). this phone is great the first few months until you get some use under in belt

  77. Rebecca says:

    I've had mine since June, and had no problems what so ever UNTIL 2 weeks ago. One morning when I powered it on it wouldn't get past the Verizon screen. Even when I took the battery out to reboot it, it would not get past that screen. It was still under manufacturers warranty so I got a refurbished one within the week, but something was wrong with that one too (my conversations were very static-y and people couldn't hear me). So I returned that one as well. I am now on my 3rd Reality and for the most part, all is ok. The only problem is that I keep it on vibrate a lot of the times and use it as my alarm. A lot of times the vibrate is messed up and may not vibrate at all or might just do a 'blip' and then it's done. This happens with txt messages sometimes too. I've only had it for a week so I will give it a little longer and see how it does…but my hopes are not high. I kind of hope that this one has issues too so I can change models and get out of this mess of a phone…

  78. Sandra says:

    The reality is, the REALITY sucks! I've had it about 5 or 6 months which I thought was suppose to be an upgrade from my AT&T razor. The Reality is way behind in technology…or maybe it's just Verizon itself. The phone locks up in the middle of texting ALL the time, you have to pull the battery in order to get functionality back. It doesn't allow you to save very many text's before memory is full, so I'm always having to delete in the middle of a 'conversation' with special someone, whom I like to save the messages from. Also if you aren't fast enough to go into each individual half of your conversation and lock it before you get a reply, it automatically delete's your half of the conversations EVEN IF YOU HAVE IT SET TO SAVE THEM. The touch screen is more like a 'PUNCH' screen! The lock screen is an absolute joke…as it automatically UNLOCKS when you get a call so if the phone's in your pocket, like most people carry it..you have just hung up on the caller as soon as you touch the screen to remove it, and try grabbing by the phones sides with all the side buttons! No way around it you are going to hang up on the caller. MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT THAT IS GOING TO LOOSE ME AS A VERIZON CUSTOMER: WHEN YOU ASSIGN A RINGTONE AS A CONTACT ID…IT ONLY APPLIES TO CALLS NOT TEXTS. You can only apply One tone for all texts..which totally sucks if texting is what you are mostly doing. (AT&T offers this as a free service-Verizon doesn't offer it at all…not even as a down loadable app..unless you have a Smartphone.) You can load MP3 music on your phone HOWEVER, DO NOT expect to make them ringtones. YOU CAN'T! (my old Razor could) The battery life also is not good if your on it (talking/texting) for any amount of time…sending pictures, battery life goes way down, the camera is nicer than the razor, but if you alter a picture such as rotating it, when you save a copy…you can tell it's been altered as there is a yellowish blurry haze on the copy…and yes the back cover is extremely difficult to take off, should you need to replace the battery as in my case. My 14 yr old has the same phone and loves it, I HATE IT! After my 4th month of complaining to Verizon about this phone I was informed there is a software patch that was suppose to be pushed to all the Reality phones addressing most of the problems… the phones having the problems must not have been able to receive the patch, because I didn't…they had to manually push it to my phone! The touchscreen is definitely easier to use now, With the REALITY being my first experience with Verizon all I can say is BYE!!!

  79. sarah says:

    I have this phone for about 5months it was really good untill a month ago when it stopped saving pictures and wouldnt let me have wallpapers for more then 10min and it took like 1min to take one picture :p tumbs down

  80. Ashley says:

    I thought this phone was good but after having it for 2 weeks and never dropping it there's already problems. My screen keeps going black for no reason at all. and the only way to fix it is to take the batter out. And it's starting to happen all the time and its already getting old. The rouge already had tons of problems, and this is supposed to be the better upgrade? And when the rouge first came out they said it was highly rated and then it crapped out just like the glide.

  81. Rawrr says:

    I got a Reality a few months ago, it's cool and all but when you play music and it doens't have the right format, usually phones would tell you, but this one just say's 'File Not Supported' and closes the music player and resets all my backgrounds to their defults and won't let me do anything until I restart my phone.

    And the charging port is broken now. I thought I was just wearing down the charging cord so I got another one but it's still messed up. I use to be able to just move it at a wierd angle and it would charge, but now it does absolutly nothing. It's a usless phone now.

    And when your on the phone it eats up the battery like crazy! I'd suggest looking into getting something else other than this phone unless you really want it.

  82. Hayley says:

    This phone is hella good at first,, but further down the phone starts to mess up. i phone will shut off at random times, the phone will frezze, and at times the screen just starts to flicker.

  83. Heather says:

    I've had my phone for 2 months now, and at first I thought it was amazing! It's still pretty good, but it randomly shuts off, and constantly try's to do voice commands. The roll up touch screen when locked, doesn't work sometimes, so I can't make it to the phone call. I do enjoy the keyboard, and ease of texting though.

  84. A.J. says:

    I got the phone in June and so far I love it and all the features and capabilities. The VCAst is great for watching movies, football, etc. It's a lifesaver at a boring job…But I can't get a memory card to format, anyone else have the same problem?

  85. chad says:

    has anyone had trouble looking at pics whenthe phone keypad is close and u use your finger to scroll thru your pics and all of sudden a pic your viewing zooms all the way to 4 and then saves it

  86. Alex says:

    So I decided to get this phone with my upgrade in June 2010. I had the phone for 3 months and it started acting up, turning off by itself when i would send a txt, my 3 wallpapers and my lock screen would reset itself back to the default pictures that originally comes with the phone. It was a major pain! So i called verizon, they sent me a warrenty phone, I didn’t have the “warrenty” phone on for 24hours and it started doing the same thing, but also would freeze and wouldn’t shut off. I would have to remove the battery then put it back in to get it to “unfreeze”. Then i realized that it wouldn’t even save my ringtones that i’d set! These phones have been “noted” to not save wallpapers, delete contact, and restart themselves. I am still having problems and will be getting a Droid X instead! So my advice to you, do not waste your money on the Reality!!

  87. suzyieq says:

    This phone is awful. I am on the second one is three weeks. The touch screen freezes over and over and the phone keeps shutting off and restarting on its own. I do not recommend it to ANYONE. What poor quality for a phone that look really good on the outside.

  88. coop96 says:

    My daughter and I have had the phone for about 2 months and we really like it. The only thing we both are having a problem with is that it randomly resets our home screen or lock screen pictures back to the default picture for no reason. Anyone else having this problem? Otherwise we really love the phone.

  89. bre says:

    I've had this phone now for 7 months and have had not one problem with it, I'm a girl so its very easy to hold, the keyboard is a perfect size and it has quick access to all of my favorite sites such as facebook..I went from a prepaid phone to this one and was worried it would be hard to switch to, but it actually quite easy to adjust to, I love this phone!!! plus the battery lasts me all day with heavy usage, which was important to me.

  90. Safar says:

    i just ordered this pnone. i am switching from a samsung juke to this…long story. But so far from what i have read it is a reliable phone.
    But i have a question, if you don't use the internet on your phone, do you have to pay for the data charge? and could someone list thier pros and cons of havingthe phone for a longer period of time than a week haha

  91. Bekka says:

    my backgrounds constantly change, the lock screen has this weird twitch like the corners move up, very annoying. the volume buttons don't work and i've never dropped the phone. it'll freeze up on me or just restart even if i'm in a conversation. i don't recommend this phone to anyone.

  92. Willow says:

    Well from what I'm reading about this phone I have mixed feelings supossed to get one soon guess I'll see soon. Hope its all the good comments not the bad ones lol.

  93. Shannon says:

    this phone has given me tons of problems I am now on my fourth one and the camera takes about 8seconds to actually snap the stupid picture!! But for some reason I still like this phone tons

  94. caitlyn says:

    ive had this phone for about a week and a half. the phone is amazing compared to my last phone. the only problems ive had with the reality is the the camera has no flash, it vibrates three times instead of one time when i get a text and it doesnt read the micro sd card that i bought from VERIZON!

    1. Eimilee says:

      you can probably change the vibrating what not thing. It reads my micro sd so maybe yours is damaged or isn't synced or it's put in wrong. I used my mirco sd from my old phone (both are 4yrs old) so for me at least it works. HOWEVER, at times it won't read but only 93% of the time which is good enough.

  95. Emily says:

    I have the Samsung reality and the only thing i dont like about it is that you cant text sideways on the touch screen. Other than that I LOVE the REALITY 🙂

  96. guest says:

    Have had reality since August 2010. Liked it at first but with continued use notice scroll bar works inconsistently. Scrolling for names in contacts to fast and always passes the contact I'm looking for. While scrolling it's very easy to accidentally touch on a contact with an immediate dial instead of slowing the scroll. Qwerty key board very easy to press more than 1 letter at a time. Only one shift key. While texting a message and incoming message instantly reveals itself entailing a search for the message that was being drafted. Same thing happens with an incoming call. I would not recommend this phone. The quercks are annoying.

  97. Guest says:

    I noticed that this site only prints favorable comments. I wish I would have realized that before I printed the actual reality. I suppose those that review the previous comment will not print it on this site because it is not positive.

  98. Kristen... says:

    Do NOTTT get the samsung reality!!!! It is a terrible phone! The first few months it will seem great, then it will start shutting off randomly to the point where you can't turn it back on. That's what happened to mine! DONT GET ITT!!!!

    1. Eimilee says:

      I could just be that one …also, all cell phone reviews say they shut off randomly or are slow (really, search and you will see cause I did extensive research before deciding on a phone).

  99. Kayln says:

    I like this phone for the most part, but I have trouble uploading pictures onto facebook, and the back cover doenst fit on very good. But worst of all, when i talk on the phone while its charging it gets very hot and tells me to unplug it…..but if i unplug it it's going to die and i'll have to stop my conversation…..does anyone else have these problems???

  100. Jennifer S says:

    My reality sucks. It freezes all of the time. Once, it was so frozen that taking the battery out didn't even work. The company could not do anything about it either, so I had to send it in and get a replacement. Now, this one is freezing too, but so far, I can pop the battery out and it will "unfreeze". It is a pain though. i am going to get a different phone as soon as possible!!!

  101. Kylee L. says:

    I've had the Reality about a year. It randomly shuts itself off, most often when I have 2 or more text messages coming in at one time. Also, the internet is horribly slow, even when I have complete service.
    I wish I wouldn't've gotten the Samsung Reality.

  102. Melissa T. says:

    I hate this phone. I can't believe you have to pay $10 more per month for slooooow internet and emails that scroll like an old black & white film. Plus, emails won't open any attachments, and you have to open pictures one at a time. It has a useless widget for "notes". But you can't make a list with it, you can only type in paragraph form. Useless GPS feature because it's too difficult to zoom in & out or follow the route.

    1. Rita S says:

      I hadn't use the note widget until I read your comment and I will probably use it from now on. To address your concern about only being able to type in paragraph form, what you have to do is use your return key. On the qwerty keypad, it's the top right second down key that has a return arrow in it. You type on one line, use the return and it drops you down to the next line and you can create your list. Hope that helps and thanks for the idea!

  103. Eimilee says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the phone holding a charge or is it just me? I traded twice and finally found this awesome phone and then DUNDUNDUN charge sucks. I'm fairly certain it's just this one and that not all of this type have issues cause my friend has this too and she doesn't have problems. (In British voice)Oh Bloody 'ell!!! Wot rodden luck!!

    1. sam says:

      i don't have problems with my charge. if you go to the tutorials widget on the phone it gives you the choice on looking at hints on how to get your battery to last you might want to look at that.

  104. sam says:

    I've had this phone for a couple of months and i absoutely love it! The only things i don't necessarily like about it is that when you try to erase too many messages at once it shuts off and you have to erase them sorta more individually. also i don't like that when the battery get's low the screen dims and becomes quite a bit darker. Those are the only two things i have had to get used to! Other than that i love this phone.

  105. CMG says:

    I got this phone a little less than 3 months ago and am ready to throw it in the trash. I like it at first, but the more I used it, the more I came to hate it. I find that the screen is impossible to read in the sunshine because of the glare. Also, the keyboard is supposed to lock and sometimes does and sometimes doesn't. I will pick up the phone and it's screen is not locked and its pulled up a random screen. I don't trust it. The kicker is that it deleted my photos – about 30 of them and I have no idea how or why this happened. I can't get the photos back. I am done with this phone. Don't waste your money on it!!

  106. rvbru says:

    I've had this phone now for about 5 months and still love it as much as I did the day I got it. The pros are 1) Great slide-out qwerty keyboard for people who text a lot 2) the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack that allows you to use it like an mp3 player (get a good size memory card if you want to use it for this purpose) 3) very nice, responsive touch screen 4)nice photo quality (90%) of the time 5) great call quality (clear) 6) 3 customizable homescreens (I use 1 for large clock/calendar, second for favorite contacts and facebook app, and third for music and pictures). I guess you could cram all those widgets onto one screen, but I like having the space for my big thumbs!

    The cons are: 1) no zoom or flash for the camera, however, pic quality still comes out nice even in dimmer lighting 2) ….. I can't think of any more for now…. but will post if I think of any

  107. jessica says:

    ok i am on my what 6th phone probably! this phone is the worst phone i have EVER had! i try to save a c and it freezes so i have to take the back off take the battery out and then put it back together and then start it back up. then i will be texting or in the middle of a phone call and it will just shut off and then start up again and then sometimes i have to take the battery out again to get it to work to reset the phone! kinda weird that EVERY replacement phone i have gotten has been doing the same thing!!!! i wouldn't recommend this phone in the least bit!

  108. chelsea says:

    I've had this phone sense august and it shuts its self off and freezes on me all the time, last night it shut its self off and wouldnt turn back on, it got stuck on the verizon screen

  109. Emma says:

    This phone is great! I love the keyboard, the widgets are really cool. The only thing is that the screen smudges easily. Other than that I love this phone! 🙂

  110. billy bad ass says:

    most of you guys have had this phone for like one day after a while you find its flaws and it seems to lock up the second you get on it and then it shuts of this phone is ok but only for people that have a lot of patience hope this review was helpful

  111. terri says:

    I've had the phone for 2 months now and the only problem I've had is that the wall paper and lock screns keep going back to the default pictures. I have talked to verizon about this and they haven't been able to figure out why it keeps going back to the default pictures. Other than that I haven't had any problems with it.

  112. melissa adams says:

    i like the phone but hate the keyboard.buttons are too small and close together.also when i download pics to facbook it says they are downloaded but i am unable to find them in my account.they just seem to disappear

  113. Lin says:

    I bought this phone about 5 months ago, enjoyed the phone, however it froze up on me and now I have to get replacement phone. The Verizon tech actually told me I shouldn't shut the phone off, I didn't understand that comment, no sim card in phone, battery was good. Will try again with another Reality.

  114. Rileigh says:

    I LOVE this phone! It has great battery life, awesome camera and I love the qwerty keyboard! The call quality is good. The touch screen is very responsive and though the phone doesn’t lock during a call, I have never hung up on anyone. My only problem is that there is no zoom on the camera, but that’s not a big thing. I love how the lock screen is set up and you can use three different wallpapers. The widget bar is great and I like the bar at the bottom of the screen. Overall, this is the BEST phone I have EVER owned!

  115. Rileigh says:

    And people who say it unlocks in your pocket, just change the setting to you can only unlock it with the lock button. it works great. And whoever says tht it’s not durable, obviously you are like throwing as hard as you can against a cement wall because I have dropped it about 20 times and not one crack, dent or dink

  116. Rita says:

    I have had this phone for a while and it really is great. I haven't figured out (and it isn't in the little book) how to download my pictures to my laptop. The usb should link directly to my laptop but it looks like the only way to get in on the laptop is to buy a memory card and save the pics there and then load the card into the laptop. Is that right or can someone help me?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Alex, You dont want this phone… It sucks. It Shuts down all the time. For example When you go to delete a ton of messages it restarts itself, my screen just froze up today and I had to take the battary out then it worked. It was working fine for the first 11 months now it is just crap. I want a new phone, I am SOOOO Sick of my Samsung Reality.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Alex, You dont want this phone… It sucks. It Shuts down all the time. For example When you go to delete a ton of messages it restarts itself, my screen just froze up today and I had to take the battary out then it worked. It was working fine for the first 11 months now it is just crap. I want a new phone, I am SOOOO Sick of my Samsung Reality.

  117. Julie says:

    I would never buy this phone again. First of all, I have no desire to use the internet on my cell phone, but Verizon forces you to pay for it anyway. And yes, I know there are phones out there that do not require the data package, but they are cheesy and do not have the features I want.
    As far as the phone itself, my son and I each have one and we have both complained about how the buttons are extremely sensitive. Calls get disconnected all the time while talking if your chin happens to hit a button. When trying to retrieve the phone from my purse to answer a call, it nearly always disconnects the caller if my hands touch any of the buttons on the side accidentally.
    I do not like the lock feature on phones. That is a pain. I want a phone that isn't so darned sensitive.
    The camera takes awful pictures in low light and you can zoom in at all either.


    No one can ever hear me on it either!

    Did I mention…BAD phone? BAD!

  118. Jenna says:

    my camera on my reality wont work period. every time i turn it on it stays on the white screen with the camera on it then has a pink error camera message….help!

    1. Cricket says:

      This phone just plain old sux. I've had mine in for service twice and am finding they really don't even support it with software upgrades and they do NOT provide driver downloads for your computer to help it sync with your computer. (it's archaic that you can't just plug in to the usb and have it work.) The fact that Verizon & SAMSUNG aren't really doing anything to support this phone technically should tell you something. It's ALREADY BEEN PHASED OUT. I'm going to have verizon and samsung spend hours and hours of labor every day trying to help me sync it to my computer until someone notices that they have spent more on their payroll having techs talk to me, than they got when I bought this piece of ****

  119. My phone has so many problems, it turns off all the time an half the time it will not turn back n a i have to take the battery out. i’v replaced this phone 3 times!!! an each time it messes up, everything is very sensative, it drops calls, sucky service, freezes, the screen messes up an blacks out, an flashes mulitple colors, to where i have to restart my phone an everything, i would NOT recommend this phone to anyone, unless you like a phone with mulitple problems then go for it, but i for one HATE IT.

  120. Bridget Thornton says:

    This is the suckiest phone EVER! Never works! I will be texting or on a call and it will just shut off and back on! This is the worst phone and has like no battery life! It SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Anonymous says:

    This phone worked fine 11 months ago. And Just about 6-7 days ago its nothing but crap. Its Battary life sucks, Its screen freezes and it delays my recieved messages. It doens send my messages. I am down right disgusted with this phone.

  122. the Samsung Reality is the cell phone that will not die. it still worked after being in the rain for 2 days just had to dry it out .and 2 days ago it fell into a bole of milk i just cant kill this cell what a good phone

  123. Roxy08princess says:

    The whole lock part about it unlocking is because you haven’t gone to edit your settings Duhh. Go to it & changer it to Lock key ONLY. Because its automatically set to any key. Anyways I’ve had this phone for about a month & a half. . and all of a sudden it wont let me view my recent calls, if i have a missed call it wont let me view it, it will automatically freeze and i’ll have to restart my phone. ):

  124. Ml Tweety says:

    I have had the samsung reality for a month and a half now. Occasionally it had glitches, but so far the phone has worked great otherwise. I am very happy to have this phones as my update, going from an older flip phone that shut down 7 times a day, to this, was so nice. Call quality is good, speakerphone is great, texting is okay. It is very sturdy. he first week i had it i dropped it off of a ladder and it still worked without missing a beat. The back didnt even fall off. The phone holds a charge all day unless i talk on it for hours, which is understandable. Comming from a very avid texter, someone who is ALWAYS oon the phone, and is not nice to there phone, at all, I am really enjoying this phone.

  125. Ml Tweety says:

    I have had the samsung reality for a month and a half now. Occasionally it had glitches, but so far the phone has worked great otherwise. I am very happy to have this phones as my update, going from an older flip phone that shut down 7 times a day, to this, was so nice. Call quality is good, speakerphone is great, texting is okay. It is very sturdy. he first week i had it i dropped it off of a ladder and it still worked without missing a beat. The back didnt even fall off. The phone holds a charge all day unless i talk on it for hours, which is understandable. Comming from a very avid texter, someone who is ALWAYS oon the phone, and is not nice to there phone, at all, I am really enjoying this phone.

  126. Geena says:

    I hate this phone soo much!! First off, it always resets almost every message I send. Second, it almost always freezes on me, making me take the battery out. Now, it won’t charge.. I can’t wait to get a new one =/ this phone has so many problems!

  127. dancaforlifexo says:

    calling quality is horrible, and battery life is TERRIBLE. I would charge it during the night and in the morning it will be full, around 3 hours of it being turned off, it turns on randomly and beeps nonstop “low battery” for hours. i cannot wait to get my upgrade.

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