Palm Execs Jumping Ship: Rubinstein May Follow?

Ah the roller coaster ride of Palm as it continues its downward slide. Although Palm placed their hopes and dreams on their saviour devices the webOS Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, basically both smartphones have failed to turn round Palm’s misfortunes.

Recently we reported Palm was put up for purchase, this was followed by interest in acquisition by both Lenovo and Hauwei, and a rumour that HTC may make a bid which again fell by the wayside. There followed word that Palm were handing out payment deals to hold onto key execs as Michael Abbott deserted to go with Twitter, you can read that article (here)

Now according to an article over on engadget, techcrunch has reported that another Palm exec has jumped ship, Palm’s VP of carrier marketing, Caitlin Spaan. However the biggest rumour of them all is that Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein may be taking the same lead as the other execs and take a walk.

We’re not too sure if said rumour is real, but if so would be a big blow and yet another nail in Palm’s coffin, but apparently Rubinstein turned up at the ongoing developers camp and remarked to a room of developers, “I’m still here.” So maybe the rumour is all that it is.

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