Nexus One Vodafone UK Release Date April, Delivered May 5

We have hot news covering the Google Nexus One Vodafone UK release date, delivered date and prices. Hopefully this is good news for those who have been waiting for this handset with this network carrier.

This Google Superphone and you can now pre-order yours today and Vodafone will aim to deliver by 5 May, apparently and according to Engadget this handset will launch with Vodafone UK on April 30 for full retail availability.

Price Plans Include: There are four price plans to choose from, first up is the £35 per month on a 24 month contract offering, 600 minutes, Unlimited texts. There is also the £40 tariff on 24-month contract with 900 minutes and Unlimited texts, a £45 plan on a 24-month contract offering 1200 minutes talk time and Unlimited texts, and last one is a £75 tariff on a 24-month contract offering 3000 minutes and Unlimited texts.

All the tariff plans above comes with a free phone and if you pre-order now you will get 1GB of mobile internet and webmail and Wi-Fi.

For more information and option to pre-order the Google Nexus One smartphone please visit Vodafone UK.

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