BlackBerry 6 OS Release Date Q3: Supports Adobe Flash

Oh Apple can you see this? Sorry just us being childish, a few minutes ago we put a video up courtesy of YouTube the new BlackBerry 6 (6.0) OS video teaser, well now we will let you know a little about what it has to offer.

The new operating system will have much better UI and a brand new browser according to PC Mag; the release date of the new OS is expected to be Q3 2010 and will feature some cool enhancements.

New features will include many more media capabilities, new user interface and a new Web browser, unlike the Apple iPhone BlackBerry devices in the future will use support Adobe’s Flash technology.

The stunning BlackBerry OS will use touch features enhancing touch and flow and moving things around, it is all about ease of use when touch the touchscreen on your smartphone, but not only that RIM says it will work both on touchscreen smartphones and trackpad products as well, it has been designed for both.

“It’s really great,” said Balsillie. “Its ACID test score is 100, speed is great, and efficiency is great. It has HTML5 support, JavaScript, multitab browsing, and you’ve got a widget platform so you can download Web apps and run them online or offline,” he said.

Quick Features Summary: New multimedia features, music and video capabilities, private video calls, new BlackBerry App World features over the next year will come into play, use their credit cards or phone bills to pay for apps, older phones will benefit as well with the operating system.

Please let us know what you think of BlackBerry 6 OS so far in the comments area below.

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