Mobile Spy 4.0 for BlackBerry Delivers New Features

Mobile Spy 4.0 for BlackBerry smartphones delivers new logging features and now includes the ability for the user to view ever captured image and every sent or received email announced Reitna-X Studios LLC reports an article on the Miami Herald.

Apparently the new abilities will help employers and parents track the activities of their monitored smartphones with greater accuracy, and silently records user activity.

With Mobile Spy version 4.0 logs are viewable in real time online and several log types are included like actual GPS locations, call info, and entire SMS messages and all logs can be reviewed from anywhere inside a secure online control panel.

The CEO of Retina-X Studios, James Johns says, “The complete truth is out there and it may change your entire life. We invite you to open your eyes to the real actions of what your child or employee does on your BlackBerry device. What if they are being dishonest or worse? The advantages of knowing the answers are far better than not knowing at all.”

Mobile Spy 4.0 also brings the ability to view all email activity thus delivering the ability to the employer to make sure their employee’s are not sharing confidential material. Any photo taken by a BlackBerry with Mobile Spy 4.0 can now be viewed online inside their Mobile Spy account.

Mobile Spy can run on all modern BlackBerry smartphones including said smartphones running the new 4x and 5.0 OS and is the only software of its kind to have USA based telephone tech support during 9:00AM to 5:00PM ET weekdays.

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