Motorola Favours Skyhook Wireless Over Google Location Services

Apparently Motorola has dumped Google location services for navigation on their Android based handsets and have opted to use Skyhook Wireless service instead reports an article over on unwire view by way of the guys over on engadget.

Although it shouldn’t mean that much of a big deal to Motorola users, Motorola has replaced Google’s mapping services with Skyhook because, according to Motorola’s press release, “Skyhook’s Core Location will enhance Motorola’s Android-based mobile devices with its innovative location technology.”

Google did a great job in helping with navigation without extra cost, so Motorola must have quite a bit of faith in Skyhook to dump Google maps in favour of what Skyhook can offer. But Motorola isn’t apparently saying just why they decided to take this course of action as the old adage applies, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Skyhook CEO, Ted Morgan has said “Skyhook is excited to further enhance the location accuracy and availability of these devices.”

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