Nexus One at an End Due To Verizon Refusal?

As we reported earlier, Verizon Wireless will not be offering the Google Nexus One superphone due to offering the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. However according to an article over on itproportal, this could indicate the end of the line for the Nexus One.

They say that it looks like Google has just about given up on the Nexus One in the United State, and say the fact that Google is “actively encouraging” customers to look at a rival smartphone, namely the HTC Droid Incredible “speaks volumes.”

They follow on with the only time when companies refer their own customers to a potential rival is when they are likely to close up shop or fold. Now obviously Google isn’t doing anything of the sort and are in no way going to fold, but in their opinion that might be the case with the Nexus One.

According to the article the Nexus One has done its job and has raised the expectations for future Android handsets along with raising the profile of the Android platform and placing itself as a benchmark in the market.

So what do you think, is Google going to pull out the Nexus One and place it on the smartphone scrap heap, or is the move just simply so Verizon doesn’t have two similar Android smartphones in competition?

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