Samsung Exec SCH i225 with Windows Mobile 6.5

Samsung Mobile and U.S Cellular have recently announced the availability of the Samsung Exec SCH i225 on the carriers airwaves. The handset comes to the market with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 platform.

The device comes with a nice range of features and functionalities. Vice president of marketing and sales or US Cellular Ed Perez said that many of their customers are multi taskers who want Smartphones that will help them get their work done when they are out of the office.

The Samsung Exec does just that, and also keeps them connected with family and friends. Having the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 platform offers access to both personal and corporate email through Microsoft Office Outlook ActiveSync and also Microsoft Office programmes such as PowerPoint Mobile and Word Mobile.

Other features of the Samsung Exec are that it has a 2 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, Bluetooth is included along with a built in music player. The memory card comes with support of up to 32GB of additional storage.

A full QWERTY keyboard which enables fast messaging. A HTML browser with one touch access to widgets and social networking sites including MySpace, Twitter, Flicker and FaceBook. The Samsung Exec is available both online and in the carrier’s stores.

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4 thoughts on “Samsung Exec SCH i225 with Windows Mobile 6.5”

  1. Paul says:

    I have recently purchased along with Unlimited everything Including a dataplan on a new samsung SCH i-225 exec.
    I enjoyed it until I started learning it thoroughly. I bought a $60 Bluetooth specifically compatible for this
    phone (WEP 570) It was kinda cool, In that, when I set up the voice activation i turned everything on and I
    could choose media files to play and it woud repeat back to me the name of the song for me to choose.
    hen placing a call it would repeat it back to me to verify it was correct. It even announced who was
    calling and if they were in my contacts list it announced who it was (Just a number if they were not
    in my contact list) through the speaker. Well until i turned on the bluetooth. Then everything else worked
    XCEPT announcing calls. Heck, it would NOT even beep like it was supposed to when paired with the
    bluetooth device. However, Paired with another phone it atleast beeped telling me I was recieving a call .

  2. Paul says:

    I paired it with my phone again and Boom nothing again . The tech support through US Cellular was
    absolutely worhtless The person i talked to didn't even know about the Voice and call announcement until
    I told them where to go to activate it on the phone. They couldn't help me and gave me the tech support
    number for Samsung Corp.. Called them, and ofcourse with all the outsourcing, understanding some people
    is a thing of the past, ridiculous. To no avail they really couldn't help me either couldn't even figure
    out their OWN PHONE !!!! WOW ! SOooo,…..they came to the conclusion after several combined hours on the
    phone that it must be the voice activation program (software issue). Well more or less they said based upon
    the number of complaints that depends on how long til the research and development team will work the problem.
    Well Ok, fine i will have to deal with this (maybe) or until i've had enough. Now, as if that wasn't enough,

  3. Paul says:

    I have an issue with the video everytime I start recording video it goes dim a little more than slightly
    whether it be dark or light. Granted, It is a 2 mega pixel but still any other phone I do not have this
    problem . If anyone has even a hint of a solution to either one or both of these problems, I would love
    to hear from you ! Thanks

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