Google Nexus One Vodafone UK Pre-order Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that you can still pre-order your Google Nexus One with Vodafone UK, you can get the smartphone for free on the pay monthly plans from £35.

If you pre-order today you will be the first to receive yours, it is expected for April 30. You will get to enjoy Google Maps Navigation free sat-nav with Street View and traffic, over 30,000 apps from Android Market to choose from and Super fast full Internet browser at 1GHz speeds.

Key features include a 5-megapixel camera with flash, voice-enable keyboard and Android technology, plus so much more.

The cheapest price plan is FREE from £35 per month, giving you 600 anytime minutes, Unlimited inclusive texts, 1 GB of internet & webmail + Wi-Fi on a 24 month contract. Expected Delivery 5 May or before.

Pre-order your Google Nexus One right now so you do not miss out via Vodafone UK, please let us know if you have pre-ordered yours already.


2 thoughts on “Google Nexus One Vodafone UK Pre-order Reminder”

  1. I preordered within minutes of the press release.

    Vodafone are out of stock of Nexus One:

    From an email I received this morning:
    [quote]Dear [redacted]
    Thank you for placing your order, reference number [redacted].
    Unfortunately we have suffered a surprisingly high demand for the Nexus One From Google, which means that it is unexpectedly out of stock.
    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope to have further stock available within 7-10 working days and will contact you again once your order has been dispatched.
    If you have any further queries please contact us on 0844 854 0430 or email info@v-store.co.uk, quoting your order number as your reference.
    Thank you for ordering with Vodafone.
    Kind regards,
    Vodafone Customer Care[/quote]

    My blog has full information labby.co.uk

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