iPhone More Popular Than BlackBerry for US Opera Mini Downloads

Well now the Opera Mini mobile browser if you remember gained over a million download just 16 days after it becoming available, and now according to an article over on Gizmodo by way of tech crunch, the iPhone version of Opera Mini, Opera Mini for iPhone has now snatched the number one slot in the good ole US of A.

This knowledge comes by way of Opera’s State of the Mobile Web for March 2010 and shows that the iPhone version of Opera Mini has now taken over BlackBerry at the number one downloads slot.

Looking at the top ten countries according to usage of Opera Mini the US and the UK are where the iPhone grabs the number one slot for Opera Mini users. The figures show that in March 2010 Opera Mini had in excess of 55.2 million users which is an increase of 9.3 percent on February.

On a global scale though, the iPhone still sits at third place with Nokia and Sony Ericsson dominating the top 20 list of Opera Mini downloads.

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