Nokia Retakes Lead from Samsung in UK Market

Samsung held the number one position in UK market share several times in 2009 and kept hold of the number one slot for 2 months before Christmas; however, according to an article over on mobile today, Nokia has now recaptured “a clear lead” over Samsung in UK market share.

According to sources the article states that Nokia now has about a 4 percent lead over Samsung due to the Nokia X6, Nokia 5530 and Nokia 5330 doing particularly well. However, apparently sources have also said that Samsung’s lead was fuelled by their low end E1120 mobile phone which was offered by Asda during the run up to Christmas for £4.99.

Apparently some have placed the blame on Samsung’s drop in UK market share on their slowness in delivering their flagship smartphone the Samsung Wave, with one source commenting, “The Wave is way too late.”

Ben Wood and analyst for CCS Insight, has said “Samsung can’t afford complacency in the low end. It will come under pressure from Nokia which hasn’t announced a cheap touch-screen, but we think it will. The mid part of the market is gone now. It’s the lower cost prepay segment or a smartphone.”

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