Technocel T360 Bluetooth Headset Quick Review

Thanks to an article over at macobserver.com for the detailed review of the Technocel T630 Bluetooth headset, which we can give you the important features and details on this Bluetooth headset.

The headset has been tested on a road trip and around a house and it was worn for several hours at a time, it is a very lightweight device so you would actually forget that you are wearing it.

It is a comfortable piece to wear an according to the literature it can be worn with or without the earpiece but difficult to imagine keeping up with it without the earpiece. The T630 has two volume buttons up on one side and down on the other.

In order to answer your phone you simply just press the button in the centre, and to end the call simply press the same button again. There is also a feature which allows last number dialling which is great for those who have iPhones with AT&T. Another cool feature is that you can send the caller straight to your voice mail. For just $39.99 this is a great device which is comfortable to wear.

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