Verizon $18,000 Bill Still Being Fought 4 Years On

Back in August 2006 Bob and Mary St. Germain’s son used his mobile phone to connect to the internet for which Verizon sent them a bill; four years later the St. Germian’s are still fighting the Verizon bill which is for a staggering $18,000 reports boston.com.

Their son Brian who is no 26 believed that his family’s plan included free data downloads, but unfortunately it didn’t and thus were billed by Verizon Wireless more than 100 times the normal amount.

Retired marketing professional Mary St. Germain said, “You can’t print what my husband said, he was very shocked.”

Verizon apparently chopped the bill in half but Bob St. Germain, after consulting with state utility officials who advised him not to pay, rejected the offer. Thus Verizon handed the bill to a collection agency saying the charges were legitimate and have tried to work with St. Germain to resolve the issue.

The case does highlight how some wireless plans can be and just how easy is can be to end up getting a shockingly large bill. We have a short video below of Bob St. Germain speaking about the large Verizon bill, so hit it up and check it out for yourselves.

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