3 Undergoes Brand Refresh with Changed Logo

In a bid to align their retail and online channels, 3 is undergoing a brand refresh which will take effect as of tomorrow the 5th of May and will see the 3 logo change to a black and white version reports an article over on mobile today.

Apparently the main reason for the brand refresh is to get across that the 3 network is “the best network for internet,” on any device and the refresh will be backed up by a marketing campaign which will see launch as of the 8th of May.

The marketing campaign will include TV and outside advertising and cinema and followed up with online and press, and will feature a mock movie advert to highlight the “starts” which have worked on 3’s network.

Marc Allera, marketing and sales director for 3 has said, “It’s a big campaign and the first chapter in the story we are going to talk about. We are going to show all the effort that is going into the network. We have a legacy – big handsets, a bad experience. We have a different experience now – we have been doubling the size of the network.”


One thought on “3 Undergoes Brand Refresh with Changed Logo”

  1. james says:

    what other networks does network 3 use?

    I also work for a large company with mobile phones, so i have an idea but would like to know the facts.

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