Chinese iPhone 3GS Now Packs WAPI WiFi

Now you all know the big bug bear with the iconic iPhone over in China, the fact that the Chinese government wouldn’t allow the official Chinese version of the iPhone being offered by China Unicom to come packing WiFi goodness although Apple and China Unicom have been in talks over the matter which you can read (here)

Well now according to an article over on engadget who gained their info by way of pcworld, there is a new Chinese approved 3G/GSM/Bluetooth handset coming out of the Apple camp and sporting China’s home grown WAPI protocol.

This new handset carries a reference of “A1303” in the Chinese filing which means it is more than likely to be a WAPI version of the existing iPhone 3GS rather than a new next generation iPhone and will join the likes of the Dell Mini 3i as one of the few foreign mobile phones to sport the Chinese national standard for WLAN.

So there it is a Chinese WiFi toting iPhone which just may put paid to the Chinese grey market snapping up loads of iPhone sales.


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