New iPhone 4G minus OS 4.0 delayed until after 4G hits shelves

Not taking into account the leaks and rumours that are all over the place in relation to the iPhone 4G we don’t actually know a great deal about what we will be getting, a recent article over at simbasics.com explains.

One thing that most people seem to agree on is that the iPhone 4G will come with OS 4.0 however it seems that this might not be the case after all. The latest news surrounding Apple at the moment is the possibility of them facing an anti trust inquiry due to changes to their terms of service which some believe are anti competitive.

The possible impact on this, is that Apple could end up in deep water with the U.S fair trade commission. Of course that in turn could well delay any release of the pending iPhone OS 4.0. The expected launch of the iPhone 4G is just over a month away so any delay could mean the iPhone 4G wont be released without the latest OS.

So at the moment the iPhone family are under the watchful eyes of many and more than ever due to the intense competition that they are being faced with such as the HTC Desire which we have reported on previously here. One thing is for sure is any delay in the release of either the new iPhone or the OS will more than likely have a severe impact on sales.

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