Nokia Enables Own Voice for Turn by Turn Navigation

As you are probably aware Nokia delivers their free turn by turn navigation package with every Nokia mobile phone out of the gate. However turn by turn navigation usually comes with pre-recorded voice samples which can grate on the nerves a bit.

Well according to an article over on intomobile by way of all about symbian, Nokia understand this and now enables the user to replace the boring turn by turn navigation voice samples with one you create yourself.

The app is called “Own Voice,” and features 54 phrases the user need to work through with a process of approximately seven minutes with the result being a one of a kind turn by turn navigation voice that you can opt to use personally or even share.

Of course it could be like talking to yourself, or if you happen to get the wife to do it, it could turn into a nag, but having the ability to change the standard pre-loaded voice has got to be a step in the right direction wouldn’t you agree?


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