iPhone 4G: Will it Feature Wireless WiFi Sync? Video

Well now it would appear that the iPhone can sync wirelessly over WiFi with iTunes as reported by the guys over at product-reviews, and they ask the most relevant question considering we are about to get the next generation iPhone, will wireless WiFi Sync be available to the iPhone 4G?

Apparently the WiFi Sync Applications has been created by developer Greg Hughes and he has said he intends to submit the app to Apple for approval, and we have a video of the iPhone wireless syncing action for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of engadget.

The one minute video shows the iPhone or an iPod Touch can sync with iTunes without all the necessary tethering or usual cables which is kind of neat and usefull and would be a good feature for any iPhone.

Whether Apple will approve the WiFi Sync app for iPhone is another thing, but if they do then maybe this application will come as an official app to the iPhone 4G when it finally surfaces. Check out the video below and drop us a comment on your thoughts.


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  1. BUYER BEWARE – Do NOT expect ANY support from Greg Hughes if you encounter any problems with his Wi-Fi Sync software. I purchased the Windows version of Greg’s Wi-Fi Sync software and attempted to install on several PC’s with the same results “application failed to start”. I submitted a friendly trouble ticket on Greg’s support site over a month ago and Greg has made NO attempt to respond. A second trouble ticket also went unanswered as did a request for a refund. PayPal will only assist if the software was purchased via EBay, not Cydia. Jay Freeman of Cydia also didn’t respond to my email requesting assistance. BUYER BEWARE!

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