Microsoft KIN Two First Impressions and Unboxed on Video

Thanks to the guys over at Intomobile we gain some unboxing video goodness along with some first impressions of Microsoft’s latest social networking baby the Microsoft KIN Two smartphone today.

Of the Microsoft KIN handsets, the KIN Two is more capable and larger than its sister phone the KIN One. Spec wise the Microsoft KIN Two packs a 3.4 inch capacitive touch screen, 720p video recording, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, slide out QWERTY and a 3.5mm jack.

Impression wise they say that the KIN Two touch screen should make the experience as enjoyable as any other feature phone while its camera works well under most conditions however does struggle a tad under low light conditions when its not low enough for the flash to click in.

Apparently the KIN Two user interface utilises quite a few swipe and flick gestures for navigation; while the “Loop” homes screen aggregates messages and social networking updates to a single place. The KIN Two “Spot” feature is a convenient way to share content by dragging virtually anything into a green circle.

User Interface transitions are quite smooth but under certain conditions show a bit of lag, but when you take into account social networking integration, full email support, Zune media player, the camera, and full HTML browsing the Microsoft KIN Two is a great feature phone.

It seems it’s not all good with the KIN Two though as they say the camera shutter button is placed awkwardly and sits on a “downward sloping edge”, which makes it difficult to press and also there is an inability to add applications outside the browser, camera, messaging, email, contacts and Zune media player apps.

So that’s their first impressions with the Microsoft KIN Two, now all you need to do if you haven’t already done so is head on down to the unboxing video below, hit play and enjoy.


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  1. This is a really interesting device from Microsoft and I want to see more.

    I just can't help thinking they are a bit behind the times and to me it seems their resources can't make one amazing, rather they come out with average products in every field, maybe with the exception of the Xbox….

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