Motorola Droid Solves Rubik’s Cube with Lego Robot Video

So just how fast is an Arm A8 processor clocked at 550 Mhz? Well pretty fast as evidenced by the video we have for you today courtesy of the guys over at Gizmodo. The video is of the Mindstorms robot programmed by the Android packing Motorola Droid smartphone.

In the video it is demonstrated how fast the Arm processor is by getting the Motorola Droid to send commands to the Lego robot over bluetooth while a specially constructed applications takes photos of the Rubik’s cube side facing the camera.

I haven’t attempted to solve a Rubik’s Cube is years and doubt that anyone unless they are a world champion can solve the Rubik’s Cube faster than this which completed the task in under 25 seconds.

The video lasts almost a minute and a half and shows what Android, a Motorola Droid and Arm A8 processor can do so without further ado hit up the video below courtesy of makezine and check it out.

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