Verizon iPhone Wont Release This Year Says Analyst

For all you Verizon hopefuls out there on the Big Red network who was hoping beyond hope that Verizon would finally release the iPhone, it looks like you’re in for a disappointment as it doesn’t look like the iPhone will come to Verizon in 2010.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by way of computer world the Big Red won’t get the iPhone 4G or any other iPhone in 2010. This news comes via Brian Marshall and analyst for BroadPoint AmTech who claims that iPhone carrier AT&T has extended their deal due to the bargaining with the Apple iPad.

Apparently to get the iPad AT&T negotiated a 50 percent discount on iPad data plans with Apple and as a result of that pricing the Big Blue was also able to snag a 6 month extension over their iPhone exclusivity.

Previously Marshall stated that the iPhone would come to the Verizon network sometime in 2010 but has now changed his view and says the Verizon iPhone will not surface until 2011.

Seems like AT&T has managed to twist Apple to keep exclusivity and make the millions of Verizon customers wait even longer. So what are your views on this, should Apple have extended AT&T exclusivity or gone ahead and launched the Verizon iPhone?


3 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone Wont Release This Year Says Analyst”

  1. The longer the wait to get a Verizon iPhone, the less the interest in it will be. The new phones are now catching up with all the features the iPhone used to have exclusively and many like the Android are becoming even more interesting. I'd not go to AT$T if they gave me an iPhone!!!

  2. bacov says:

    Terry, I had the same reaction as you. Wife and I both use HTC Eris on Verizon and I predict HTC, as well as maybe one or two other manufacturers, will continue to improve their iPhone-like products and by next year a whole lot of folks will simply say, "who cares?"

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