Poll: Do you use Facebook more on smartphone or PC?

We would love to know if smartphones are more popular than PCs and this is why we are asking the question “Do you use Facebook more on smartphone or PC?” Personally I use my phone more than the PC (Desktop or Laptop).

Facebook is the most used social networking site in the world with millions of users, there are Facebook apps for smartphones and the one I use is for the Apple iPhone and think its works very well indeed.

Some phones that do not have apps have to go on the web and then go on Facebook, the only downside to that is you cannot get on some features such as instant chat with friends, smartphones are better than the bog standard phone and that is why we have mentioned smartphones.

So please do let us know if you use smartphones more than PCs or do you use PCs more than smartphones, also tell us the name of the device you use to get onto Facebook. Choose one of the following options on our poll system below. Thanks

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