HTC EVO 4G Gets Official FCC Approval

Doing their usual Friday snooping of FCC files, the guys over at engadget came across the mentions of WiMAX and LTE, which obviously caught their attention and the FCC filing was for an HTC handset with the model number PC36100.

The PC36100 runs on Sprint and Clearwire’s WiMAX with standard CDMA and EV-DO bands so what the PC36100 is, is the much talked about and anticipated HTC EVO 4G, which according to a recent report will cost $200 and ship 6th June.

Other than that there’s not a great deal to be gleaned as there are still no external photos due to the device still being under confidentiality, but least the HTC EVO 4G has now cleared the FCC and heading for retail.

So are you looking to grab the HTC EVO 4G smartphone when it finally hits the streets, or are you going to wait until 4G networks roll out in abundance so you can choose which network to go with?


2 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G Gets Official FCC Approval”

  1. Drew says:

    I've been a Sprint customer for 6 years, and never really used my phone for much more than talking and texting….I'm going to get this phone for every reason you can think of, including the ability to create a hotspot on demand where i want when i want.

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