Samsung Release SDK 1.0.0b2 for Bada OS

If you want to get to grips with Samsung’s latest mobile operating system, bada you can now do so as according to an article over on itproportal, Samsung has now released the bada software development kit.

With the Samsung bada SDK version developers can begin building applications for the bada operating system before Samsung’s flagship bada smartphone; the Samsung Wave hits the streets in June as reported (here).

The information comes via the Bada Developers blog, which says the Samsung bada SDK includes compilers, debuggers, integrated IDE simulator, user interface builder, APIs, codes and tutorials along with documentation to deliver a step by step breakdown on how to begin developing for the bada OS.

Apparently though as yet Samsung has not divulged any revenue sharing plan with developers but the word is Samsung may offer somewhere about 70% of the revenue brought in per development.

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