iPhone 4G Oh Please, We Want Iron Man 2 LG Smartphone

All the hype about the Apple iPhone 4G and the Verizon iPhone, oh please let’s forget about that for now because we all want the awesome Iron Man 2 LG Transparent smartphone. I fell in love when I saw this movie and this concept device pop up on the big screen.

This futuristic LG transparent smartphone pictured above is what the world needs and the video below that we have provided really shows you what phones should be like, we like to thank Engadget for mentioning this because we never even thought about showing you all, stupid us.

The video shows Tony Stark in the court room where he is being questioned about handing the Iron Man suit over and then he pulls this smartphone concept out and does some amazing things, like grabbing information from his device and swiping it across the court room over to displays on the wall. Totally awesome comes to mind here.

Anyway please watch the video below and let us know what you think, have fun and do post your comments below. Yes this phone is just a concept so you will have to stick with the LG Ally.


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