Google Earth for Mobile: Better on Nexus One, iPhone, or Droid

Google Earth is very popular indeed and is available for the Nexus One, iPhone and Droid, but what one is better to run Google Earth?

For those that have not got Google Earth yet please do so by typing in this URL in your phones browser: m.google.com/earth it does not matter what phone you have you can still use the same URL. You can also visit iTunes for downloading.

Main Features Recap:
Explore in 3D, Search for places/businesses/cities and so forth, My Location, Multi-touch, Search by voice and Layers. If you already have Google Earth on your smartphone could you please let us know how you are getting along.

Please do let us know what smartphone works well with Google Earth by using our poll system below, it is very important that you let us know what make and model of phone you have so that we can determine what handset is being used the most. Thanks

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